Wednesday, December 16, 2009

upcoming Solstice show

Hey hey everybody, for those who missed my wed. feature show I did on Christmas eve last year, this year I'm doing it again but 2 hours longer! That's right a 4 hour show on local Arkansas bands from the 1990's. This is something I plan to do every year I'm on the radio here around Christmas time. On this show I plan to play a few studio recordings of  DALI AUTOMATIC (also known as The Faith Healers), THE COSMIC GIGGLE FACTORY, and whole live bootleg set from PUNKINHEAD from the legendary River City club in Fayetteville from 1992. These recordings are very rare and hard to find now a days, I bought them in the club as this was going on back in the day. For those who didn't get to see these bands then are in for a treat as we really had something special to be proud of back then (not that we don't now, but hey...) The show will run from 4pm-8pm (CST). And I will have my buddy Nate Higgins co-host for added insight and commentary. If you miss it on air don't worry it will be availible for podcast download after the show. Hope you tune in SUNDAY DECEMBER 20TH!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Plastic Magic podcast #46 December 13th, 2009

Happy Holidays kiddos! Here is a rip roarin' set o tunes sure to boggle the mind and put the twinkle in your eye. On this episode we heard alot of garage rock old and new from: SEAN BONNIWELL'S MUSIC MACHINE (1966), THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (1966), JACK O. AND THE TENNESSEE TEARJERKERS (2006), THE CRAWDADDYS (1979), THE HENCHMEN (1998), 68 COMEBACK (1998), HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (1996), THE DEADLY SNAKES (2006), THE FLAMING LIPS from the new LP and from "Christmas on Mars"(2008-2009) ,SONIC YOUTH (1989), DEEP PURPLE (1968), JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION (1993), THE RATS (1966), and a couple of tracks from the 60's comp "The IKON Records Story" and The Sundazed comp "Don't Press Your Luck" (The IN Sound Of 60's Conn. from the Trod Nossel studios)  and lots more cool stuff...DOWNLOAD HERE: podcast #46