Saturday, August 10, 2013

on air this weekend!

In the news:

Plastic Magic will be back on the air this weekend sunday Aug 11th, 2013 but it will be a rerun show from Jan. 23rd, 2011 which was never originally podcast. So unless you heard it when it was originally aired that night tune in and check it out for the first time. Also of note is that this was a few months before the show got picked up by shortwave station WBCQ. So lets go back to the way back and check it out.

Also in the news:

The show to be run on Aug 18th will be a live show to promote a new local compilation CD that I put together with former KXUA DJ and station manager Eric Jensen "DJ EJ" of Wheels Of Steel fame. This compilation is of local Arkansas bands form the 90's that were among my faves back then. All the recordings come from my cassette archives and I think will be a new treat even for people who were fans back then who thought they collected all the merch that the bands were selling at shows. Watch this site for details: Art Amiss  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #279 July 28th, 2013

Get ready folks! Here it comes! As was heard on KXUA 88.3FM in Fayetteville and on  shortwave station WBCQ 5110KHz on the night of sunday July 28th: CAT MOTHER AND THE ALL NIGHT NEWS BOYS (1970), CLIMAX BLUES BAND (1972), GURU GURU (1970), AMON DUUL II (1971), HOOKFOOT (1973), COLD SUN (1970), FRATERNITY OF MAN (1968), CAN (1970), TEN WHEEL DRIVE (1969), JD BLACKFOOT (1970), nand much more. DOwNloaD: podcast #279