Monday, December 23, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #297 Dec. 15th, 2013

Hey friends, download this episode and listen to it as you travel over the river and thru the woods to grandma's house. Not necessarily  a Christmas show, but it is the best I could do considering that I got back in town too late to do a show last night. Check out: THE BRAIN POLICE (1968), SALLOM, SINCLAIR AND THE MOTHER BEAR (1968), OL' PAINT (1971), THE BEAU BRUMMELS (1968), COLD BLOOD (1970), TYRANNOSAURUS REX (1968), GREAT SOCIETY (1966), 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS (1967), PEARLS BEFORE SWINE (1967), FELT (1971) and much more including a JETHRO TULL bootleg. Download it here: podcast #297

Monday, December 9, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #296 Dec. 08, 2013

Hey folks, here is the show from last night as it was broadcast over KXUA with 600 watts over a blanket of snow and ice: HIGH TIDE (1969), SILVER METRE (1970), RICHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW (1975), TRAFFIC (1971), CRABBY APPLETON (1970), DAVID CROSBY (1971), SPIRIT (1970), FLEETWOOD MAC (1974),  THE RASCALS (1971), THE DOORS (1970) and more. Download it here: podcast 296

Monday, November 25, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 294 November 24th, 2013

OK, kids, this is the five year anniversary of the Plastic Magic radio program!!! For this special occasion I invited my buddy and sometime co-host Zeek to help me celebrate this. We played some tunes and took some live over-the-air phone calls and a good time was had! On this you will hear the mesmerizing sounds of: THE MOTHERS (1971), HAWKWIND (1974) ARGENT (1971), JF MURPHY AND SALT (1972) FEAR ITSELF (1968), BLACK PEARL (1970), TODD RUNDGREN (1973), THE TURTLES (1968), LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE (1969), JD BLACKFOOT (1970) here: podcast #294

this was sent to me via Plastic Magic Facebook page:

Filthy Phil,
Your show is my absolute ritual. I get off work every Sunday at 6:00pm and my radio is set to 88.3 it's like coming home hearing your show.
YOU FUCKING RULE MAN! I hope you know.
P.s: your halloween show was the best I've heard in years. Thank you for the tribute to Lou reed.
Have you ever heard/seen "meat planet"? It's a spoof on Carl sagan's cosmos. I think you would enjoy it. I'll send you the link

Plastic Magic podcast #293 November 17, 2013

Hey everybody, a little late but here it 'tis:RARE BIRD (1972), JONI MITCHELL (1975), QUARTERMASS (1970), LOU REED (1973), THEE IMAGE (1975), GENESIS (1972), RICHIE HAVENS (1968), URIAH HEEP (1970), THE SONICS (1966), MURPHY AND THE MOB (1966),  and much more. Download-it hear: podcast #293

Monday, November 11, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #292 Nov. 10th, 2013

And on this one we listened to the swankiness of: THE STRAWBS (1972), NICK DRAKE (1972), FIRST CREW TO THE MOON (1967), TOAD (1970), STEPPENWOLF (1970), THE SPEAKERS (1968), TSEE MUD...BACRO...LSD (1968), T.I.M.E. (1969), MICAH (1971), STEVE MILLER BAND (1968),  TOMORROW (1968), THIN LIZZY (1975), PAVLOV'S DOG (1975), DEEP PURPLE (1971) and much more. DowNLoad here: podcast #292

Plastic Magic podcast #291 Novembre 3rd, 2013

On this show we listened to sounds of: SHIVA'S HEADBAND (1970), MERRY AIRBRAKES (1973), MUDDY WATERS (1968), THE GROWING CONCERN (1968), THE LOLLIPOP SHOPPE (1967), MORLEY GREY (1972), THE AMBOY DUKES (1968), GENTLE GIANT (1973), MANFRED MANN'S CHAPTER THREE (1969), FOOD (1968), HOMER (1971), LED ZEPPELIN (1973), JANIS IAN (1968), THE DREAM (1969) download hERE: podcast #291

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PLastIc MagiC Happy Hallowe'en podcast # 290

Here 'tis folks, the annual 3 hours of frightening stories and scary rock and roll as was broadcast on KXUA 88.3FM on the spooky night of Octobre 27th!!! We were totally spooked by the sounds of: TEAR GAS (1970), CHRYSALIS (1967), THE WIZARDS FROM KANSAS (1970), THE MOVING SIDEWALKS (1978), COLD SUN (1970), THE HUMAN BEINZ (1967), BLACK OAK ARKANSAS (1972), LUCIFER'S FRIEND (1970), DUST (1972), MOUNTAIN (1971) VELVET UNDERGROUND (1969), BLUE OYSTER CULT (1974) as well as spoken word pieces from Vincent Price, William Conrad, Boris Karlof and others. Also we got news of the passing away of a true icon in rock and roll, Lou Reed. Happy Halloween everybody out there in podcast land!: hallowe'en podcast 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Plastic Magic pre-halloween special podcast # 289 Octobre 20, 2013

Hey everybody, this, last night's episode, was the pre-Halloween show. And if you think the intro is a little much, just think, add another 50 minutes and you'll have an idea of what happened on the "mystery hour" show. Be thrilled by the sounds of: SPOOKY TOOTH (1968), RIOT (1974), J. GEILS BAND (1973), HOWLIN WOLF (1972), LES VARIATIONS (1975), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1972), JOHN LEE HOOKER (1966), ZZ TOP (1976), LE STELLE DI MARIO SCHIFANO (1967), HAWKWIND (1973), LIGHTHOUSE (1971), JEFFERSON AIRPLANE (1972) and much more. Download it here: podcast # 289

Plastic Magic # 288 Oct. 13th, 2013

On this show we listened to: WISHBONE ASH (1970), GANDALF (1969), LOVE (1967), COMMANDER CODY AND THE LOST PLANET AIRMEN (1971), THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA (1972), FAIRFIELD SKI (1973), GURU GURU (1970), CAN (1971), THE IDES OF MARCH (1971), JADE WARRIOR (1971), THE BEATLES (1970), THE HOUR GLASS (1968), CLEAR LIGHT (1967), THE FUGS (1966) and much more. Download here: podcast #288

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #287 Sept. 29th, 2013

Hey everybody, on this episode you will hear the magical sounds of: NEKTAR (1974), THE KINKS (1965), OMEGA (1973), ASYLUM CHOIR (1968), BRAINBOX (1969), IGGY POP AND THE STOOGES (1969), KING CRIMSON (1969), MOODY BLUES (1972), SHOW OF HANDS (1970), LOVE (1970), MERRYWEATHER (1969), FUNKADELIC (1969), BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY (1967), PROCAL HARUM (1968), THE JIM KWENSKIN JUG BAND (1967), ELTON JOHN (1970 and much more. DowNLOAd hear: podcast # 287

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #286 Sept. 22, 2013

This is what went over the air on the cool first night of fall on WBCQ 5110 KHz and KXUA 88.3FM: THE FROST (1969), PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC (1968), THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (1968), DAVID ALLAN COE (1969), FRIJID PINK (1970), ROLLING STONES (1971), THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY (1968), THE ELEPHANT'S MEMORY (1969), POT LIQUOR (1971) and much more DowNloAd hear:
podcast #286


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 284 Sept. 8th, 2013

This is how it all went down on the night of September 8th, 2013 on the Plastic Magic radio show: SOPWITH CAMEL (1973), LIZ DAMON'S ORIENT EXPRESS (1971), STEPHEN AND THE FARM BAND (1973), HAMPTON GREASE BAND (1971), RAIN (1969), DONAVAN (1973), BLACK SABBATH (1972), THE RUBBER BAND (1967), SHE (1966), THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN (1965), JOE E. COVINGTON'S FAT FANDANGO (1973), HARVEY MANDEL (1969) and much more! DOWnlOAd: podcast # 284

Monday, September 2, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 283 Sept. 1st, 2013

Holy shit folks! It's been awhile, but we did it again, finally! Last week I called up my buddy and co-conspirator Zeek and said: "hey man, let's do a three hour 80's show for Labor Day!" And it turned out to be a really great night of radio, even took some over the air callers, well, just one, but hey! And now, here it is now for your podcasting pleasure: LYDIA LUNCH (1982), X (1981), ADAM ANT (1982), ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (1978), THE CURE (1981), DURAN DURAN (1981), DEVO (1981), DEAD KENNEDYS (1982), SONIC YOUTH (1985), XTC (1983), BUTTHOLE SURFERS (1987), MISSING PERSONS (1982), MODERN ENGLISH (1983),  THE SMITHS (1986), THOMAS DOLBY (1982), TALKING HEADS (1979), PIXIES (1990), BLACK FLAG (1984) and much more!!! DowNLoaD iT hEAr: podcast # 283

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #'s 282 & 281

Hey friends and neighbors! Sorry I'm so behind in posting this shows. But I hope it's worth the wait.

First, the most recent: aired Aug.25 on KXUA, WBCQ and GRITS: THE STRANGELOVES (1965), MOTHERLODE (1969), FEAR ITSELF (1968), FOOD (1968), PORT AUTHORITY (1971), STEELEYE SPAN (1971), THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIEMNTAL BAND (1967), BLACKWELL (1970), AMON DUUL II (1972), THE FANTASTIC ZOO (1966), THE EQYPTIANS (1967), SOFT MACHINE (1969), OMNIBUS (1970), ANDWELLA (1970) and much more download here: podcast # 282
Second, the former, a very special show aired on Aug. 18 on KXUA with co-host DJ EJ showcasing music from the compilation CD I put together with Eric's help of local Arkansas groups from the 90's. On this you will hear the bands (and stories) featured on the Art Amiss Natural State Nineties compilation CD, but not the same music. So this podcast serves an alternative listening experience. Bands feat on this podcast episode include: COSMIC GIGGLE FACTORY, GRASS, SHINDIG SHOP, DALI AUTOMATIC, OEDIPUS CAT PHARM, BABY SELF HATE and more. Download here: podcast # 281

Friday, August 16, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #280 Aug 11th, 2013

Hey everybody, due to busy end of the summer things, I didn't have time to prepare a fresh show. So I replayed an old episode from January 23rd, 2011 that was recorded at my house on cassette tape but was never originally recorded on podcast....until now: podcast #280

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Art Amiss to release ‘Natural State Nineties’ Arkansas rock music compilation (copied from Fayetteville Flyer)

Art Amiss to release ‘Natural State Nineties’ Arkansas rock music compilation
 130 9

A new compilation featuring 11 tracks by Arkansas rock ‘n’ roll bands from the early 1990s is set to be released online next week.
The compilation is being released by local artist organization, Art Amiss, in association with KXUA 88.3 FM and the Plastic Magic radio show. The record was assembled from the personal collection of Plastic Magic host Phillip Eubanks.
Bands on the compilation include Cosmic Giggle Factory, Dali Automatic, Oedipus Cat Pharm, 2 Much TV, The Delta Angels, Baby Self-Hate, Grass, Shindig Shop, Blue Boy Orlis and the Stompers, Tissue Culture, and The Pranks.
The album will be released at 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 19 at
Listening is free, but a $5 donation gets you a full download of the album, along with a 17-page booklet featuring band lineups, original release dates and recording details, along with scans of original album artwork, photos and flyers.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

on air this weekend!

In the news:

Plastic Magic will be back on the air this weekend sunday Aug 11th, 2013 but it will be a rerun show from Jan. 23rd, 2011 which was never originally podcast. So unless you heard it when it was originally aired that night tune in and check it out for the first time. Also of note is that this was a few months before the show got picked up by shortwave station WBCQ. So lets go back to the way back and check it out.

Also in the news:

The show to be run on Aug 18th will be a live show to promote a new local compilation CD that I put together with former KXUA DJ and station manager Eric Jensen "DJ EJ" of Wheels Of Steel fame. This compilation is of local Arkansas bands form the 90's that were among my faves back then. All the recordings come from my cassette archives and I think will be a new treat even for people who were fans back then who thought they collected all the merch that the bands were selling at shows. Watch this site for details: Art Amiss  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #279 July 28th, 2013

Get ready folks! Here it comes! As was heard on KXUA 88.3FM in Fayetteville and on  shortwave station WBCQ 5110KHz on the night of sunday July 28th: CAT MOTHER AND THE ALL NIGHT NEWS BOYS (1970), CLIMAX BLUES BAND (1972), GURU GURU (1970), AMON DUUL II (1971), HOOKFOOT (1973), COLD SUN (1970), FRATERNITY OF MAN (1968), CAN (1970), TEN WHEEL DRIVE (1969), JD BLACKFOOT (1970), nand much more. DOwNloaD: podcast #279

Friday, July 26, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #278 July 21, 2013


Monday, July 15, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 277 July 14, 2013

Indeed this episode was a bit "international". In addition to the normal stuff we listen to on Plastic Magic, we heard some groups from places we don't normally hear from like: Iran, Norway, Mexico and Venezuela .

Dig the sounds of: BOHEMIAN VENDETTA (1968), IGGY POP AND THE STOOGES (1973), EAST SIDE KIDS (1968), DUST (1971), ELIAS HULK (1970), GONG (1971), BLOSSUM TOES (1967), ELEPHANT'S MEMORY (1970), THE FARM BAND (1975), THE DREAM (1967), KALEIDOSCOPE (1968), SHAHRAM (1975), TSEE BARCO LSD (1968), BUDGIE (1972)

Hear it all on this free download: podcast # 277 Enjoy!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 276 July 7, 2013

Get ready folks, this is a long one. On this 3 hour podcast you will be delighted by the (mostly mid-to-late-70's) sounds of: RABBITT (1977), UTOPIA (1977), RICK WAKEMAN (1975), PAPA JOHN CREACH & MIDNIGHT SUN (1975) STEELY DAN (1974) PROCOL HARUM (1974), LITTLE FEAT (1974), KISS (1976), SUPERTRAMP (1974), EDGAR WINTER GROUP (1975), HAWKWIND (1973), EMERSON LAKE & PALMER (1971),  KAY GARDNER (1975), KING CRIMSON (1972), ROBIN TROWER (1975) and much more. Download (...and in case you didn't know, all podcasts' are now and have been and will be evermore free) it all right here: podcast # 276

Monday, July 1, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #275 june 30, 2013

Hey Hey everybody out there in radio land! Here is what we listened to on the night of June 30th as Plastic Magic was broadcast over KXUA and WBCQ: SILVER METRE (1970), PEOPLE! (1968), THE SPEAKERS (1968), IRON BUTTERFLY (1969), STRAY DOG (1973), JERRY GARCIA (1974), MAHOGANY RUSH (1975), TRAFFIC (1970), URIAH HEEP (1971), THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY (1968), THE SONS (1969), SPIRIT (1968) and much more! dOwNLoaD it HEAR: podcast #275

Monday, June 24, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #274 June 23, 2013

The supermoon sounds: SUGARLOAF (1970), THE BLUES PROJECT (1967), THE HUMAN BEINZ (1968), FRANK ZAPPA (1970), SEATRAIN (1973) THE BYRDS (1973), JAMES GANG (1973), MORLEY GREY (1972), TRAPEZE (1970), BLOOD, SWEAT &TEARS (1968), BUCKWHEAT (1971), THE MUSIC MACHINE (1966), MORNING DEW (1971), and more. DOWnLoAD hEAr: podcast #274

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #273 June, 16th, 2013 Father's Day

Hey Happy Father's Day! Well, it's not father's day is what we listened to for the father's day show which was broadcast live over WBCQ 5110KHz and KXUA 88.3FM: DADDY COOL (1972), SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (1969), THE CITY (1968), MICAH (1971), BADGER (1972) BLACK OAK ARKANSAS (1973), ELMER GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA (1967), THE ILLUSION (1969), THE CONTENTS ARE (1967), JACK BRUCE (1971), ZZ TOP (1975) and much more including an interview I recorded with Cinci, OH group The BUFFALO KILLERS at The Wakarusa Festival a couple of weeks ago. Hear it all right here: podcast 273

Mary Butterworth (1969) review

(printed below is my first published record review. see more at It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine)

Mary Butterworth - Mary Butterworth (1969) review

Mary Butterworth  “Mary Butterworth” (Custom Fidelity, 1969)

A few years ago, probably 6 years or so, I was at a flea market in Alma, AR hunting thru records in a box. What a remarkable story this is sounding like, huh? Record collectors live a dangerous life not many folks would believe. On your hands and knees looking thru old boxes in sometimes moldy wet back corners of places. Risking getting bit by spiders. But it is thrilling in a way that is hard to describe to someone who doesn't care. Someone who just doesn't understand. But for those of us who do it as a lifestyle. There is the thrill of the unknown when you walk into some junk shop in a little place off the highway between somewhere and somewhere else and you ask the person at the counter if there are any records for sale and they lead you somewhere down the isle and point to a few boxes. This sometimes a drag when you start to go thru it and it's shit like Bing Crosby's Christmas album or Wham's Greatest Hits or...well, you get it. But when I walk up to that big box or two in that place you've never been before and the one showing is something like Deep Purple or The Pentangle, there is an excited feeling. Hope! Because you just don't know what you may find! I've spent my whole life doing this and it's still thrilling. One of the coolest things in this is that a lot of times you can get some great treasures for a dollar or two each. I'm not a cheapskate but I'm saying it's just part of it. I am at the point now where the records I'm looking for are quite pricey, re-issue or otherwise. But still sometimes the "my new favorite" album is some band I find in one of these boxes that I have never heard of. I do things a lot of the time I refer to as "label shopping". Meaning if it's on Viva records or Double Shot or Impulse! or something like that it most likely WILL be worth buying. Or you recognize names of players or sometimes it was simply recorded in the 60's or early 70's and the cats on the cover look like they know there way around a joint.  And man oh man I have gotten lucky a few times!

Ok so where were we? Oh yeah, Alma, Arkansas, and I have told this story many times on my radio show. But I was at this little place in Alma, I forgot what it was called (that's what I say when I don't want to give up secrets) but I'm looking thru this box of Lps and come across a record called Mary Butterworth, which by the way, is possibly a very misleading name. I might add that in this box the other items were of no interest at all, at least not to me, and nothing even close to what Mary Butterworth is. The other records in the box were things like Tom T. Hall and George Strait, maybe Mel Tillis, but no other rock and roll. At the time I had never heard of Mary Butterworth at all but in the categories I mentioned above, it was obviously recorded in the 60's and the cats looked like they knew their way around a joint. The cover looks like it is homemade. It is all hand drawn in black and white with a big monster looking guy, a spider with an eyeball on it's back, a caterpillar crawling on a curtain rod. On the back It has pictures of the guys in the group which are Michael Hunt (drums, vocal), Michael Lachus (Hammond), Michael Ayling (bass, flute, vocal) and Jim Giordano (guitar) and hand drawn calligraphy written like maybe in Latin (?) says: "To raise vp ye hellish shade of Ag, whom ye scribe rendereth as ye Toad's bvtler, invoke 1st ye IIVII daemons" and then goes on to list names I guess thanking people.

Well, I bought it for $.75 and when I got home I looked it up in my Goldmine book and it is worth $75.00 in VG, $150.00 in VG plus and $300.00 NM. I am proud to say my copy is in very very good shape cover and all. I have heard rumours of this album selling for over a $1000 a copy though! And I guess I should mention, that it is well known now, one of the songs on this Lp was used in Sofia Coppola's film Lost In Translation which surely helps to add to the popularity (and say's something about Sofia too)

Custom Fidelity is a label that, as I understand it,  was in the business of making a record for people that came in the door wanting to record a record and pay these people to help them accomplish that. Meaning they are not a "Warner Brothers" or "Electra". No talent scouts looking for the next big teenage group to sell a million copies. If you had the money they would record it and press it for you. As I understand it, there may have been only 350 originals pressed. I could be wrong about that.  And this, friends, is what makes this a private press album. They had no distribution thru record shops and only sold copies to friends and at gigs. This is why I had to make this story about Alma too. Alma? How the hell did it make it there?!

The band is from southern California. They formed in the spring of 1968 and recorded this album in 1969. The record has a very warm beautiful pro sound. This is the kind of record that was made to play thru vacuum tubes and horn-loaded Klipsch speakers. It is very organ heavy with the sickest echo-y drum sound you could ever hope to hear. Actually, there are echo-y, little spacey flourishes in the production all over this. The lyrics are mostly about girls (hey, what's wrong with that?). To my ears there is not a bad song on the whole record. Very psychedelic, a little blues, the songs are well arranged, played well and beautiful. Well worth it's great reputation as one of the sought after private press psych classics of the 60's. It's only 6 songs and probably not much more that 30 minutes. This is their only Lp but I think they have one 45 also.

Review made by Phillip R. Eubanks (of Plastic Magic)/2013
© Copyright

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Plastic Magic Podcast # 272 June 9th, 2013

Folks, let the good times roll! Add this to your summertime list: HAMPTON GREASE BAND (1971), THE HASSLES (1968), STATUS QUO (1972), ATHANOR (1976), DEEP PURPLE (1974), AYERS ROCK (1974), SANTANA (1971), MANFRED MANN (1969), THE AMBOY DUKES (1969), THEE OH SEES (2013), RAIN (1969), JONI MITCHELL (1969), SOUND FOUNDATION (1971) and more! DowNLoAD iT hEAR: podcast #272

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Story of Rubber Dubber Records

This last weekend a friend of mine and fellow record collector, Orlis, who owned and operated The Record Exchange in various downtown locations around Dickson St in Fayetteville thru the 70's - 90's, loaned me a stack of Lp's for the show. The dude has  the biggest Hendrix collection you could ever hope to see. When going thru those I found a few in just plain white covers with the basic info stamped on them. When I ask which ones he recommended, his response was something like "some of the Rubber Dubbers" are real good". I asked "what is Rubber Dubbers"? And he pulled some of these with the plain white covers. He said you could buy them at "head shops" in the 70's. When I got them home, I was curious about this "label". I did a google search and came up with this story from: Texas Chain Saw Massacre . Here it is:

Rubber Dubber Records
By Jerry Rigged
For those of you not old enough to remember, Rubber Dubber records were live concert bootleg recordings that were first marketed in plain white double jackets with the Rubber Dubber logo stamped on them. I first got involved with Rubber Dubber Records in the summer of ’70.  Living the hippie life wasn’t feeding my dog or me.  That forced me to find a day gig.  I wasn’t playing music in bands at the time, so when I was offered a job in the print shop of a record pressing plant in Grand Prarie, Texas, I took it.  I found myself printing the record labels for Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Crosby, Stills, Nash& Young, etc., never realizing that these were bootleg recordings.  But soon after my arrival, the “suites” who owned the plant began to think about the longhaired kid in the print shop as a possible salesman who could sell a few records on the side in the numerous “head shops” that were sprouting up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  They realized that they would never even get into the door of those places.  The owner offered to front me a few albums and promised me half the profit on sales.  I didn’t know much about artists’ royalties at the time and figured the artists were getting paid.  I sold a ton of those albums in the local area.  I had such great success with the local sales that the “suites” decided they would finance me to take a load up through the mid-west and hit every head shop I could find.  I would send money to them through the mail and they would ship me albums.  I was making about $2,000 a month for myself.  I have no idea where the money went as I shared my newfound wealth with friends and strangers. My younger brother Chuck and I traveled through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, all the way to Illinois.  I had to have Thorazine administered to me because of a bad trip in Kansas and we were raided in a motel room in St. Louis because some poor soul overdosed in the next room.  We managed to escape every time we were hasseled by law enforcement agencies by playing “hick Texas hippie kids” until we landed in Chicago in October. The police stopped us in “Old Town” because of my old “59 GMC panel truck plastered with hippie bumper stickers that was loaded on the back axel.  Those old albums weighed a ton, but they assumed it was a load of weed from Mexico because of the Texas tags.  Besides that, they were still up tight from the ’68 SDS riots at the Democratic Convention.  The police threw everything we had, including my guitar and Chuck’s bongos out onto the streets of Chicago.  They ruined my guitar.  We had just consumed our last roach and weren’t even “holding,” so they couldn’t bust us on drugs.  Finally, they confiscated 
Chuck’s rather long pocketknife and my 22 cal. starter pistol (basically a cap gun) and charged us with the possession of illegal weapons.  They allowed Chuck to drive the truck to the station, but I rode in the back seat  of the patrol car, with my hands handcuffed behind my back. All this time, we put on our best southern manners.  That caused them to chill out somewhat and to not consider us dangerous, but they held us in a large precinct station for about five hours.  While we were in the interrogation room with the detectives, officers brought in a couple of girls about our age and literally threw them “up against the wall,” as the old saying goes.  We later learned that the girls were really “dudes” in drag.  We had never encountered such a thing in Texas at the time, but soon began to feel sorry for the dudes because of the treatment they were getting from what we considered as “the pigs.”  Those perverts made the dudes strip down to their bras and panties for their mug shots.  Later they passed the mug shots around the station boisterously laughing and slapping one another on the back.  They even tried to amuse us with the shots.  Their behavior was disgusting and that made us nervous for ourselves.  We continued to “yes sir and no sir” for most of the time.  They were waiting for the arresting officer to arrive and book us, but he never showed up.  Finally our “manners” got to them.  They decided to keep our “weapons” and only charge me with a cracked windshield on the truck which was perfectly legal (and still is) in Texas.  The bond was $25, which I promptly paid.  Then they told us we had 24 hours to get out of Chicago or they would arrest us again.  I think it took us two of those 24 to get out.  To this day I have never met anyone else who was ever kicked out of Chicago like my brother and I were.  But we kept the records and the money and continued for a few more weeks through the Dakotas, Colorado, and New Mexico before returning to Texas. Later after another trip with my older brother Randy, when we arrived at Rodent Ranch (our old shack in the country south of Arlington), I was surprised to see a Lincoln Continental in the driveway.  I walked in and the first person I saw was the secretary from The Record Plant and a big burly and tall hippie looking character who introduced himself as Chuck Kane (I never knew if that was his real name).  The girl told me he was one of the founders of Rubber Dubber and that we had been selling their products without authorization from them.  He explained the Rubber Dubber concept of giving the artists the royalties from these bootleg recordings.  This impressed me because I considered myself an emerging artist at the time and I didn’t want any bad “karma” to come back on me.  They weren’t angry with me because of my sales, in fact it was quite the opposite.  They were so impressed with me that they invited me to be a part of Rubber Dubber and move to L.A.  Heck, he was even taking the secretary back to L.A.  I later moved her for him, but that is part of another story.  Rubber Dubber cancelled their contract with The Record Plant, and pulled out all the remaining stock.  The poor “suites” didn’t know what to do and eventually were out of business. L.A. was one big party.  I hadn’t been to California since ’68 and it had changed a lot.  I met the other partners of Rubber Dubber.  They were living high on the hog off the profits.  I learned much later that the artists never received a dime in royalties from any of the recordings.  We rented a warehouse in East L.A. and ran the operation from there.  We decided to use the contacts we had gathered (my mid-west sales had doubled their database) and use the telephone instead of travel.  We had our own shrink-wrap machine in the warehouse and had employees to do the shipping.  The warehouse doubled as a big party/jam room and we had some parties.  It was during this time I bought an electric piano and got serious again about piano along with guitar. We would buy tickets to concerts well in advance.  Chuck would take the recorder in on a backpack.  On two occasions, I crippled in with a shotgun microphone stuck down my britches.  I recorded a back-to-back piano duet concert by Elton John and Leon Russell.  I also recorded Neil Young.  We knew that it was illegal, but I believed that the fans wanted it and that the artists would get paid from it.
 The partying lasted until the day the U.S. Marshals showed up with an injunction and a cease and desist order.  I was reading recently that there were some private detectives with them, but I was there,  and I know that there were only two marshals.  We managed to lure them into an office that I shared with Chuck.  He started smooth talking the marshals while I left the room, locking the door behind me.  They were locked up inside the office with Chuck and didn’t even know it.  I think that was Chuck’s idea.  He was a good con artist. Meanwhile, the rest of us loaded incriminating evidence into boxes and into the trunks of several cars, including my truck.  After dispatching the rest of the gang, I unlocked the door and left.  Later when Chuck came out, all the evidence was gone and they were they mad.  They ran him out and placed a notice on the door and left.  Several people were named on subpoenas, but I wasn’t named at all.  I wasn’t one of the “big cheeses.”  We later regrouped in Malibu and operated out of there for a while. but I decided to move to Oregon where I had heard about a hippie haven.  I wanted to distance myself from the situation.  In Oregon, I did some telephone business from up there, but Rubber Dubber soon died.  I never learned what happened to the rest of the gang.  I hate to mention names in a matter like this.  I mentioned Chuck because I don’t think that was his real name.  We did do a few other things that were unsavory in the eyes of the law that benefited us.  I refuse to elaborate on the grounds of the Fifth Amendment.  These events, combined with the large amounts of acid I was consuming at the time, contributed to my spiritual awakening which would happen later in Oregon. I found these three jacket covers on the Internet recently.  I lost my personal collection somewhere in my travels.  If anyone out there has a copy and could scan it and send it to me, I will gladly put them up on the site just for kicks.  It is a part of Rock and Roll history. (Links anyone?).  Rubber Dubber was  written about in Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, as well as L.A. newspapers and God knows where else.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #271 June 2, 2013

Hey everybody out there in podcast land!! Sorry I'm so late in posting this one but here it is: JD BLACKFOOT (1970), THE BEAU BRUMMELS (1965), THE FUGS (1968), SPOOKY TOOTH (1970), THE OHIO PLAYERS (1973), FLO AND EDDIE (1972), HP LOVECRAFT (1968), STEPHEN AND THE FARM BAND (1973), THE TURTLES (1969), MARY BUTTERWORTH (1969) It's Psychedelic Baby,
SUTHERLAND BROTHERS AND QUIVER (1975), CLEAR LIGHT (1967), ZACKERY THAKS (1968), SHINDING SHOP (1993), BLUE BOY ORLIS AND THE STOMPERS (1992).This show was originally broadcast over KXUA 88.3FM and WBCQ 5110KHz and now avail to you thru free podcast download here: podcast #271

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #270 May 19, 2013

Here is this week's heap of sounds just as they were heard over the air of KXUA 88.3FM here in Fayetteville, AR and surrounding area and WBCQ 5110KHz shortwave for the rest of the radio listening world (and a couple other low power FMs out there as well as internet).: THE IDES OF MARCH (1970), BLUE CHEER (1968), THE STANDELLS (1966), GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY (1970), MANPOWER (1969), FANTASY (1970), GENTLE GIANT (1971), BREAD (1970), EDISON ELECTRIC BAND (1970),IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY (1969) and much more! dOWnlOad iT hear: podcast #270

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #269 May 5th, 2013

Happy cinco de mayo! There is not much mention of cinco de mayo on this show, I kind-of dropped the ball, really....But we did manage to hear these exciting classics: THE SEEDS (1966), NRBQ (1969), FOCUS (1972), TROYKA (1970), LORD SUTCH (1970), THE WIZARDS FROM KANSAS (1970), BLODWYN PIG (1970), WAR (1971), THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM (1970), STEVE MILLER BAND (1969), THE PINK FAIRIES (1971), QUILL (1970), CHICAGO (1970), TOUCH (1969), BLACKWELL (1970) and much more. Check it out here: podcast # 269

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #268 April 28th, 2013

Hey Hey everybody out there in podcast land! On this episode we listened to: THE CONTENTS ARE (1967), THE MERRY AIRBRAKES (1973), RICHIE HAVENS (1968), RAIN (1969), VELVET UNDERGROUND (1968), TOMORROW (1968), MERRYWEATHER (1970), NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS (1967), DUST (1972), THE BEATLES (1966), SHIVA'S HEADBAND (1970), BRAIN POLICE (1968), DECEMBER'S CHILDREN (1970), WIND IN THE WILLOWS (1968), CHRYSALIS (1967), THE DRIVING STUPID (1966) and much more! Download this mindbending show here: podcast #268

Monday, April 22, 2013

Plastic Magic Podcast #267 April 21, 2013

And on this one, which aired over KXUA 88.3FM here in Fayetteville at 600 watts and over shortwave station WBCQ 5110KHz with 50,000 watts! Here is what we listened to: ULTIMATE SPINACH (1967), SUSPENSION OF BELIEF (1967), ALICE COLTRANE (1972), MOBY GRAPE (1968), LESLIE WEST BAND (1975), THE STOOGES (1970), CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND (1969), BEACON STREET UNION (1968), SANTANA (1973), MORLEY GREY (1972), TODD RUNDGREN (1973), JADE WARRIOR (1971) and much more. DOWnlOad IT hEAr: podcast #267

Plastic Magic podcast #266 April 7, 2013

Hey everybody out there in podcast land!! Yes, I am a little late in posting this show but your gonna like it so much I just know you'll forgive me. On this one we listened to some old and new stuff by: THE STAMPEDERS (1973), TY SEGALL BAND (2012), ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA (1972), CREAM (1968), DONAVAN (1968), BLUES IMAGE (1969), BLOODROCK (1971),
KYUSS (1994) and even some local music from Arkansas both old and new: BABY SELF HATE (HS 1993), PERPETUAL WEREWOLF (FAY2013), DALI AUTOMATIC (FAY1993), THE GREAT SCOTTS (FAY2012) and much more. download iT ch'ErE:
podcast #266

Friday, April 5, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #265 March 31st, 2013 Easter Sunday

Good day/ night everybody, here is the Plastic Magic Easter show. Sorry I'm a little late posting this....time escapes me sometimes but better a little late than never I guess. This show on the night it aired got a lot more response via telephone and email than I expected, which makes me proud. Well check it out for yourself, here it is: ELP (1973), FAT MATRESS (1969), FRACTION (1971), FLASH (1972), MOTHER EARTH (1968), ELECTRIC PRUNES (1967), SPIRIT (1968), HIGH TIDE (1969), DOVE (1974), SWEETWATER (1967), GLASS HARP (1972), MOVING SIDEWALKS (1968) and more. DownLOad iT here: podcast #265

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #264 March 24, 2013

On this show you will hear the super-impressive sounds of: HOMER (1972), FARM (1971), GONG (1975), LARRY RASPBERRY AND THE HIGH STEPPERS (1974), HAWKWIND (1973), ATOMIC ROOSTER (1971), HOO DOO RHYTHM DEVILS (1972), COLD BLOOD (1969), TASTE (1969),  RANDY BACHMAN (1970), and also some 1960's Arkansas psychedelic bands from the Lost Souls comp such as: THE SOLE SOCIETY, BLACKFOOT, PURPLE CANTEEN, MYSTIC ILLUSION and lotz more. As broadcast over KXUA 88.3FM here in Fayetteville and on WBCQ 5110KHz shortwave, check it out here: podcast # 264
(drawing by Cas "a unicorn that burps strawberries and farts rainbows")

Monday, March 11, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #263 March 10th, 2013

Hey everybody out there in podcastland! This was the show I did last night which was sunday March 10th. This was meant to air over shortwave station WBCQ 5110KHz Area 51 at the same time as it was being broadcast here over KXUA 88.3FM in Fayetteville, AR but our webfeed was down and that's just how it goes. But it turned out to be a pretty good show and now here it is for any who want it: THE MYSTIC NUMBER NATIONAL BANK (1969), LOVE (1969), TEN YEARS AFTER (1969), VELEVET UNDERGROUND (1967), THE LOLLIPOP SHOPPE (1967), STUDD PUMP (1971), BROWN, PETE AND PIBLOKTO! (1970), ALICE COOPER (live from Toronto R'n'R Revival 1969) and much more. DOWNLOAD HERE: podcast #263

Monday, February 25, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #262 Feb. 24th, 2013

This is the Plastic Magic Radio Show as it was broadcast sunday Feb. 24th, 2013 over KXUA 88.3FM and WBCQ 5110KHz: THE BRAIN POLICE (1968), NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE (1973), THE WIZARDS FROM KANSAS (1970), STATUS QUO (1968), MORNING DEW (1971), BLIND FAITH (1969), DECEMBER'S CHILDREN (1970), THE NEW TWEEDY BROS! (1968), SUPERTRAMP (1970), BUCKWHEAT (1971), HARUMI (1968), TIM BUCKLEY (1967), BATDORF AND RODNEY (1971) and much more. DOwnLoaD iT heAR: podcast #262

Monday, February 18, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #261 Feb. 17th, 2013

Another jam-packed, full of edge-of-your-seat excitement kind of episode! ..... Well, on second thought, maybe that's a bit much. But nevertheless, here it is: THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND (1967), JOE BYRD AND THE FIELD HIPPIES (1969), NEKTAR (1974), FELT (1971), THE RATIONALS (1968), BULLFROG (1976) JOHNNY WINTER AND (1970), THE EAST SIDE KIDS (1968), BUDGIE (1972), LEE MICHAELS (1970), MARY BUTTERWORTH (1968), CRAZY HORSE (1972), MASHMAKHAN (1970), H.P. LOVECRAFT (1968) and much more. Free (as always) downLOad HERE: podcast #261

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 260 Feb. 10th, 2013

Hey everybody, sorry for waiting so long to post this this week. Here is a great episode the night before my birthday and we listened to a bunch of 45's I had purchased from a yard sale last fall. So here it is, offering alternative entertainment for Grammy night! LONNIE MACK, LARRY AND THE BLUE NOTES, SWINGIN' MEDALLIONS, SOUL SURFERS, STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK, DRAGONFLY, HAPSHASH AND THE COULORED COAT, THE CHAMPS, DR. JOHN, THE WYLD, THE TREMOLOS, THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION, THE BLUES MAGOOS and much more! doWnLoaD it HERE: podcast # 260

Friday, February 1, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 259 Jan. 27th, 2013

On this show, which was broadcast over WBCQ 5110kc and KXUA 88.3fm on the night of sunday Jan. 27, 2013, we listened tO the rambunctious noise of: SRC (1970), TUCKY BUZZARD (1973), THE FUGS (1965), MERRYWEATHER (1969), ORPHAN (1973), SPACE OPERA (1972), NEW YORK DOLLS (1973), SUZI QUATRO (1974), RICHARD TORRANCE AND EUREKA (1975), THE SOPWITH CAMEL (1973), STEVE HILLAGE (1978),  ELTON JOHN (1969) and much more. dOWnlOaD iT heAR: podcast #259

also, I won't be on live this weekend (Feb 3rd) because of the superbowl. I will be back on Feb 10th on WBCQ and KXUA and the internet feeds as well. See ya then!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #258 Jan. 20, 2013

Hey fellow humans and um....others..., On this exciting episode, which is the first Plastic Magic broadcast of 2013 by the way, we listened to: BRIAN AUGER'S OBLIVIAN EXPRESS (1971), EDGAR WINTER GROUP (1975), CHUNKY, NOVI & ERNIE (1973), AMON DUUL II (1972), PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND (1969), ZEPHYR (1969), BLACK OAK ARKANSAS (1972) CLIMAX BLUES BAND (1974), DUST (1972), FLEETWOOD MAC (1974), and much! dOWnLoaD iT heaR!! > podcast #258

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #256 and #257 from New Year's Eve's Eve 2012

Hey everybody, Happy New Year! On this night which was new year's eve's eve, Dec. 30th, 2012, for those taking notes, I broadcasted and podcasted two shows, well three if you count the "mystery hour" which was The Firesign Theater....

The first was a plan 'ol episode of Plastic Magic, which was broadcast over both KXUA 88.3FM and WBCQ 5110KHz shortwave 7PM-9.30PM EST and went a little something like this: C.A. QUINTET (1969), BLUES IMAGE (1969), TRAPEZE (1970), THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND (1972), CATAPILLA (1972), TEN YEARS AFTER (1970), THE ANIMALS (1968), FEVER TREE (1970), GRATEFUL DEAD (1966), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1973), THE ULTIMATE SPINACH (1967), AUDIENCE (1971),  and much more. Download it here: podcast#256

(artwork "promul i daeormes" by Wayne photo by Ron Sitton)For the later half of the night, 9.30PM-1AM, I did a feature show featuring some incredible music from some old friends. Stories both from me and an over the phone chat with drummer Jonathan Taylor. This is very rare, mostly home recorded blues, jazz and rock and roll from Arkansas. Some of the recordings on this podcast maybe so rare that the band are the only ones who have another copy of it! Musicians you will here on this are: JEFF DAVIS, JONATHAN TAYLOR, MARK JONES, SCOTT PINNEY, PHILLIP CAFFEY, CHUCK BROUILLETTE, RONNIE ROUSE, JASON ABLES, CLARE STARR, JEFF GRAY, JOEL LINN, MATT DICKSON, PAUL BURNHAM, KEEFE JACKSON, PHILLIP EUBANKS (yeah, that's me), NANCY WARREN, CAROL REED, KENNY WOODALL, JAMES "RED" HUTSELL, RON SITTON, WAYNE PASCAL and a few more named in the broadcast. Bands and "projects" heard here: GRASS, GRASSMUSIC FOR THE ERA, promul i daeormes, BEN.BEN, BAR B Q BLUES BAND, SHUFFLE BAND and so on. Download it here: podcast #257 The History of Grass