Sunday, February 21, 2010

PLASTIC MAGIC PODCAST #52 (Funkadelic Pt.2 1975-1979)

Hey kids, on this episode of Plastic Magic we continued where we left off last week with the Parliafunkadeliment Thang. This week we picked up with 1975 and rolled on thru 1979 and I actually had to skip thru alot of stuff just to make a good overview of the period. But what we did hear tonight was tracks from the FUNKADELIC LPs: LET'S TAKE IT TO THE STAGE (1975), TALES OF KIDD FUNKADELIC (1976), HARDCORE JOLLIES (1976), ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE (1978), UNCLE JAM WANTS YOU (1979)...and the PARLIAMENT LPs: CHOCOLATE CITY (1975), MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION (1975), FUNKENTELECHY VS. THE PLACEBO SYNDROME (1977), THE MOTOR BOOTY AFFAIR (1978) and Bootsy's Rubber Band cuts from: STRETCHIN' OUT IN BOOTSY'S RUBBER BAND (1976), BOOTSY?..PLAYER OF THE YEAR (1978) some solo stuff from EDDIE HAZEL (1977) and FUZZY HASKINS (1978) and also some cuts from the solo female singer groups: THE BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN and PARLET to round it all out. Yes indeed The Parliafunkadeliment Thang is a big family! And almost every LP listed has more/less the same group of musicians, all produced by GEORGE CLINTON (what a legacy!), and alot of by the years was recorded at the same sessions then divided to the albums GC decided they should belong to. DOWNLOAD HERE: Funkadelic Pt. 2 and if you didn't catch pt. 1 you can just scroll down a little to get it also! I really enjoyed putting this over the airwaves of Fayetteville and I hope you enjoy it to!

Funkadelic Pt. two feature show today on Plastic Magic

On tonight's episode of PLASTIC MAGIC I will be featuring Funkadelic from 1975- 1979 or 80 or so whatever I can squeeze into 2 hours. Tune in 6-8pm (CST) on KXUA 88.3fm (NWA area or 30-50 miles around Fayetteville, AR) or for the rest of planet Earth....or download the podcast later...podcast for the first part already up!