Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #256 and #257 from New Year's Eve's Eve 2012

Hey everybody, Happy New Year! On this night which was new year's eve's eve, Dec. 30th, 2012, for those taking notes, I broadcasted and podcasted two shows, well three if you count the "mystery hour" which was The Firesign Theater....

The first was a plan 'ol episode of Plastic Magic, which was broadcast over both KXUA 88.3FM and WBCQ 5110KHz shortwave 7PM-9.30PM EST and went a little something like this: C.A. QUINTET (1969), BLUES IMAGE (1969), TRAPEZE (1970), THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND (1972), CATAPILLA (1972), TEN YEARS AFTER (1970), THE ANIMALS (1968), FEVER TREE (1970), GRATEFUL DEAD (1966), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1973), THE ULTIMATE SPINACH (1967), AUDIENCE (1971),  and much more. Download it here: podcast#256

(artwork "promul i daeormes" by Wayne Neblett...green photo by Ron Sitton)For the later half of the night, 9.30PM-1AM, I did a feature show featuring some incredible music from some old friends. Stories both from me and an over the phone chat with drummer Jonathan Taylor. This is very rare, mostly home recorded blues, jazz and rock and roll from Arkansas. Some of the recordings on this podcast maybe so rare that the band are the only ones who have another copy of it! Musicians you will here on this are: JEFF DAVIS, JONATHAN TAYLOR, MARK JONES, SCOTT PINNEY, PHILLIP CAFFEY, CHUCK BROUILLETTE, RONNIE ROUSE, JASON ABLES, CLARE STARR, JEFF GRAY, JOEL LINN, MATT DICKSON, PAUL BURNHAM, KEEFE JACKSON, PHILLIP EUBANKS (yeah, that's me), NANCY WARREN, CAROL REED, KENNY WOODALL, JAMES "RED" HUTSELL, RON SITTON, WAYNE PASCAL and a few more named in the broadcast. Bands and "projects" heard here: GRASS, GRASSMUSIC FOR THE ERA, promul i daeormes, BEN.BEN, BAR B Q BLUES BAND, SHUFFLE BAND and so on. Download it here: podcast #257 The History of Grass