Sunday, May 30, 2010

podcast # 63 May 30th, 2010

When I start gathering all the LPs together to do a show I usually try to keep "like" things together. What I mean by that is I try to use the same approach as in the art of making a "mix tape". People of my generation will know just what I mean by that. You have someone in mind, know kind of what they like and really try to put everything on it in an order that flows well. This is a technique used by music nerds to try to impress girls everywhere since cassette tapes were first made! So anyway this is how I try to present a radio show to you, the people. You can't have a show with bands like The Shadows of Knight or The Oblivians and follow it up with a band like Rush or Yes. Some people would probably argue that I cross genres of rock to much anyway but there are things I like about all kinds of music. And when I go to do a radio show I try to keep in mind not to go too far mixing genres. So, that being said, here is the deal about tonight's show. When I was in the studio last I got a call from a guy that told me Ronnie James Dio had died that day, I announced that on the radio and got lots of calls in basically telling me they just learned of it from me. One caller asked me to play somthing with Dio like Black Sabbath or Rainbow and since I didn't have it with me I told him I would bring it (Rainbow) to play next week. Another caller asked for Uriah Heep. So when I started getting this together I tryed to make it all fit in a "mix tape" way. Which is great for me because I can make an interesting line-up of things I sometimes have a hard time fitting with other things. On tonight's show: RAINBOW (1978), MAHOGONY RUSH (1976), SANTANA (1972), THE RASCALS (1971), MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND (1975), URIAH HEEP (1972), YES (1974), 10CC (1977), EDGAR WINTER GROUP (1975), TODD RUNDGREN (1970), THE SHOCKING BLUE (1970), ELO (1975) and much more DOWNLOAD HERE: podcast # 63 Please feel free to leave comments or request or any other suggestions.