Monday, May 22, 2017

Plastic Magic Podcast 436 May 21st, 2017

Hey Everybody out there in podcast land!!!! Getting near the end folks. This is the next to the last episode of Plastic Magic. I dug in deep to bring you some obscurities and some old classics. On this whoppin' 3 hour podcast you will be delighted to hear the mezmerising sounds: GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY (1970), SAINTE ANTHONY'S FYRE (1970), DRAGONFLY (1970), BOLDER DAMN (1971), SKY HAWK (1978), THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN (1968), TROYKA (1970), THE MUSIC MACHINE (1966), BILL QUICK (1972), CHEECH AND CHONG (1972), BLACK SABBATH (1973), SUN CITY GIRLS (1983), HOG HEAVEN (1971), GRATEFUL DEAD (1971) and much more! Download It heRE: podcast # 436

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Plastic Magic podcast # 435 Mother's Day Spectacular!!!!

On this show we celebrate the mothers out there and The Mothers of Invention. We listen to selections from Frank Zappa's LP's including: THE GRAND WAZOO, LUMPY GRAVY, STUDIO TAN, 200 MOTELS, SHIP ARRIVING TOO LATE TO SAVE A DROWNING WITCH, APOSTROPHE, OVERNITE SENSATION, FREAK OUT, UNCLE MEAT, CRUSIN' WITH RUBEN AND THE JETS, BURNT WEENY SANDWICH, SHEIK YERBOUTI and more. Download it here: mother's day spectacular!

Plastic Magic Podcast 434 May 7th, 2017

Hey Hey everybody out there in podcast land!!! We finally got the "podcast computer" fixed here at KXUA!!! And on this show I had my friend and fellow record geek Rob come in to raise some eyebrows about various things. We blew our minds to the exquisite sounds of: KING CRIMSON (1969), QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE (1972), NRBQ (1969), ERIC BURDON AND WAR (1970), SPIRIT (1968), TEN YEARS AFTER (1970), HIGH TIDE (1969), HUMBLE PIE (1973), SANTANA (1971), SAVOY BROWN (1968) and much more! Download it here: podcast # 434

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Plastic Magic's last show will be May 28th

After thinking about it for a few months, I have decided to stop doing the Plastic Magic radio show. It wasn't an easy decision but every good story should have a good ending. It has been a great 9 years that have meant more to me than I can hardly put into words. I feel privileged to get put out my weird taste in music over the airwaves and turn people on to something they maybe haven't heard before. I also feel lucky to have shared the antenna with people I greatly admire ( like Bo Counts Maureen McClung Peeples Ginny Garber Sam Houser Eric Olson Eric Jensen Tina Parker Phillip Stephens Robe Flax Stuart M Feild Christay Dizavies Harrison Grimwood Zeek Martin Stephanie Pierce D. Gold Nathan Rowe Tyler Eck Emily DeLong Brian Wolf Doug Shields Ted Swedenberg Willie Benson Jessica Love Eric Johnson Billy Callen Ambrosia Johnson Stacy Nicole Mackey Kimbrough The Almighty Easter Bunny Walt The Wiz and many others from KXUA and also Larry Will Jane Smith Will Paul McElligott Brad Read JimE Night Joe Stax Chesty Doctor Doc Brown and Allan Weiner and everybody from WBCQ Area 51) and would like to thank them for help and support along the way. What a dream to get to be broadcast over one of the hippest college radio station in the region but also to be picked up by THE HIPPEST shortwave station on Earth. I have had people contact me from listening on shortwave as far away as Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Mexico and regular listeners from Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, Maryland, North Carolina, Missouri etc. Not to mention being relayed over Pirate Radio (both AM and FM) many random times over the years. I would like to thank Kody Ford and everybody at The Idle Class magazine for the nomination in the "best radio" category of the upcoming Black Apple Awards. It's been a fun ride and I'll miss it pretty bad from time to time but I feel like it might be time to leave the stage while people are still clapping. The last show will be MAY 28th, Memorial Day weekend which will be a 3 hour show to be broadcast on both KXUA 88.3FM in Fayetteville and surrounding metro area and WBCQ 5130 KHz shortwave for the rest of the world. I know a lot of people who have caught the show in the last few weeks have already heard the announcement over the air, so this is for the ones who haven't listened in a while or maybe live out of town now. Thanks also to everybody who has been a manager at KXUA who let me do Plastic Magic with complete artistic control and put on the type of show that I would have like to sit and listen to myself on a Sunday night. If you haven't listened in a while I hope you may take the time to listen one more time before the last one. I promise to dig really deep for the remaining shows to play things that I haven't yet played and old favorites. And thanks to all the buddies who have came in to be my guest co-host especially Butch Taylor who was on with me for a few years. Like I said, it's been a blessing that I don't take lightly. THANK YOU!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

2017 Black Apple Awards

I am so proud to announce that The Plastic Magic Radio Show has been nominated for "best radio show" for the upcoming Black Apple Awards put on by Idle Class Magazine!
Folks, we've been thru a lot together, you and I. Just think of all the good times we've had together over the last nine years. Just think of how much I love all you people and please take time to vote on this. I will love you forever if you do. It would be a great way to end this show on a high note. I won't be around next year for this... no pressure :)
here is the link: Black Apple Awards 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

podcast # 428 March 19, 2017

On this show first and foremost we pay tribute to the legendary Chuck Berry and also we heard in from: SRC, MICHAEL YONKERS BAND, NICO, RADIO BIRDMAN, LOVE, MISTY HUSH REVIVAL, PHANTASIA, MACKS CREEK BAND, PETER GREEN, DRYWATER, HOT TUNA and more! Check it out here: podcast # 428

podcast 427 March 12, 2017

.....and on this one, we rocked out to the ground trembling sounds of: COUNTRY WEATHER (1970), MOTHER TUCKER'S YELLOW DUCK (1969), DARK (1972), BLUE CHEER (1968), ALICE COOPER (1970), BABY BUDDHA (1980), AMON DUUL II (1970), EL CHICANO (1971), McKAY (1978), KRAFTWERK (1980), and much more! Download here: podcast # 427