Wednesday, July 13, 2016

podcast # 401 July 10, 2016

...and finally, on this show, I had my good buddy and fellow record geek Sam Houser in the studio with me. You may know Sam from his former show on KXUA called The Super Happy Fun Surprise Expo or you may know Sam from his show with Robe Flax called The Best Cuts Of Music.  Either way at it was fun as heck and Sam brought all the tunes and explained em well. Hear: COMUS, GOOM, WILLIAM PENN FYVE, MIGHTY BABY, HERMOSA NENA, LES MALEDICTUS SOUND, RED SNAKES, EL CAMINO DALE NEGRO, KIETH WEST and much more! Download it here: podcast # 401

Plastic Magic podcast #400

Hey Hey!!! it's podcast # 400 (if you are still trying to find #'s 397 & 399, the podcast run shut down and all was lost) so let's celebrate with: ATOMIC ROOSTER (1971), THE SUNPOWER BAND (1977), WAILING WALL (1970), BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND (1969), MARIANI (1970), ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND (1970), STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK (1969), THE WHO (1967), and as if that weren't enough, we listened to another super rare lp from Arkansas, this time from right here in Fayetteville!! COTTON (1980) Enjoy it all right here on this FREE download: podcast # 400

Plastic Magic podcast # 398 June 19, 2016 Father's Day Special

Hey kids, check this out: DUST (1971), SWELL MAPS (1979), EL RITUAL (1971), CHRISTOPHER (1970), CORPUS (1972), THE DRIVING STUPID (1966), EAST SIDE KIDS (1968), BOB ZAMBER (1985) and much more! Download here: podcast # 398

Plastic Magic podcast # 396 July 5th, 2016

Well, it has taken me till my last day of vacation to finally sit down and catch up this blog. Really folks, this is not what I intend for this site, really. I meant to get everything up to date on the first day of vacation.. anyway..

So here we go with the first one: MISTY HUSH REVIVAL (1972), KALEIDOSCOPE (1967), CHRYSALIS (1967), T. REX (1976), GONG (1973), GRATEFUL DEAD (1968), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1972), THE SAVAGE SONS OF YAHOWHA (1974), THE TRAVEL AGENCY (1968), SNAKEGRINDER AND THE SHREADED FIELDMICE (1977) and as if that were not enough we also listened to some rare rare LPs from Arkansas legends: SPOONFED (1983 FROM LITTLE ROCK), THE LEDGE ROCK AFFAIR (1973 FROM HOT SPRINGS) and WASHBOARD LEO (1984 FROM EUREKA SPRINGS)... sorry for the wait.. enjoy your FREE download here: podcast # 396

Sunday, June 5, 2016

podcast # 395 May 29, 2016

On this show we (co-hosted by one of my best buds Nate) continued the post punk sounds of: SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND (1978), IGGY POP (1979), JOY DIVISION (1979), THE DAMNED (1985), NRBQ (1976), DEAD KENNEDYS (1982), ELVIS COSTELLO (1978), UTOPIA (1980), KRAFTWERK (1981), BRIDGE CLIMBERS (1984), THE CLASH (1979), HALF JAPANESE (1985).  DownLOaD iT aLL heRe: podcast # 395

podcast # 394 May 15, 2016

...and on this one, we listened to: KEITH SYKES (1984), DEAD MOON (1987), THE LIME SPIDERS (1987), YOUTH OF TODAY (1988), ZOOGZ RIFT (1987), THE SMITHS (1985), THE FIXX (1986), WIRE (1979), DEBRIS' (1976), CABERET VOLTARE (1981), R. STEVIE MOORE (1975), GENE LOVES JEZEBEL (9186), CHROME (1978), CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN (1986), THE RAMONES (1977) and more. Download: podcast 394

podcast # 393 May 1st, 2016

Hey everybody! On this show we listened to the heart pounding rhythms of: FREEDOM (1971), CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM (1968), GARRETT LUND (1975), THE STOOGES (1973), JAKE JONES (1971), DEEP PURPLE (1973), MAD RIVER (1969), HAVENSTREET (1977), AMON DUUL II (1971), J. RIDER (1977), BOB BROWN (1971) COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH (1969) and more! Check it out here: podcast # 393