Sunday, September 18, 2016

podcast # 410

This is a special sort of back to school special with my friend Leigh Wood co-hosting. We played a couple of new releases from nat'l artist: BLACK MOUNTAIN and SONIC YOUTH. But we also played some tunes from the great local scene here in Fayetteville from these guys: BIK FLIQQR, SW;MM;NG, THE WALTONS, QUARTZ PRAWL, THE CHADS, DOCTOR NOD and much more (but actually not much more than a lot of talking)..Download it all here: podcast # 410

podcast # 409 September 4, 2016

..and on this one we listen to: GARRETT LUND BAND (1975), MINT TATTOO (1969), FRANTIC (1970), THE BEACH BOYS (1967), TANGERINE DREAM (1972), LAZARUS (1973), MACKS CREEK BAND (1980), FRIJID PINK (1970), FANTASY (1969), TOAD (1970), MORNING DEW (1971), FARM (1971) and much more. Download here: podcast # 409 September 4, 2016

Plastic Magic podcast # 408 August 28, 2016

On this magical show we grooved (heavily) to sounds of: FUNKADELIC (1970), KLAATU (1976), SPARKS (1972), DONOVAN (1973), RAM (1972), MIGHTY BABY (1971), BUBBLE PUPPY (1968), MC5 (1971), OMNIBUS (1970), APPALOOSA (1980), SEOMPI (1972)  and much more. dowNloAd hERe: podcast # 408

Plastic Magic # 407 August 21, 2016

...and on this show: RAGGS (1979), LINDA PERHACS (1970), PAN (1970), JADE WARRIOR (1972), THE HOMBRES (1968), R. STEVIE MOORE (1975), BRIAN AUGER AND THE TRINITY (1969), HARVEY MANDEL (1969), AMON DUUL ii (1972), STEVE HILLAGE (1975), JIMI HENDRIX (1970), DEL SHANNON (1969) and much more!! DowNLoad it heRe: podcast # 407

Plastic Magic # 405 August 7, 2016

On this episode we listened to: THE LITTER (1969), MANDRILL (1972), LAMB (1971), BLUE CHEER (1968), FAIRPORT CONVENTION (1968), THE EXKURSIONS (1971), THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND (1970), EUCLID (1970), UTOPIA (1974), MIRKWOOD (1973), CORPUS (1972) and much more!!! Download here: podcast # 405

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Plastic Magic podcast # 403

Hey Hey! Everybody out there in RADIOLAND!!! Well, This was a big big show in that we had a local legend from a local band from right here in Fayetteville! On this show I got the opportunity to interview John "The Bear" Humphries from the 70's Fayetteville group COTTON! We talked about the life and times of Fayetteville in the 70's and 80's, recording their album, and everything!
Other than that we also listened to tunes by: OBERON (1971), MORGEN (1969), CRABBY APPLETON (1970), GARY HIGGINS (1973), TRIPSICHORD (1971), PETER GREEN (1979), tAYLOR bAY bAND (1981), MOTHER TUCKER'S YELLOW DUCK (1969), TERRY REID (1973) and of course, COTTON (1980).. download it here: podcast #403

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

podcast # 401 July 10, 2016

...and finally, on this show, I had my good buddy and fellow record geek Sam Houser in the studio with me. You may know Sam from his former show on KXUA called The Super Happy Fun Surprise Expo or you may know Sam from his show with Robe Flax called The Best Cuts Of Music.  Either way at it was fun as heck and Sam brought all the tunes and explained em well. Hear: COMUS, GOOM, WILLIAM PENN FYVE, MIGHTY BABY, HERMOSA NENA, LES MALEDICTUS SOUND, RED SNAKES, EL CAMINO DALE NEGRO, KIETH WEST and much more! Download it here: podcast # 401