Thursday, March 19, 2015

Plastic Magic podcast # 347 March 8, 2015

Tighten yer seatbelts folks! This is going to be a wild ride! Dig the sounds of: THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY (1968), ODMENN (1970), THE JESTERS OF NEWPORT (1966), SILVER APPLES (1968), DEEP PURPLE (1970), TOM FOGERTY (1974), FRIJID PINK (1970), THE GRATEFUL DEAD (1970), KALEIDOSCOPE (1970), McKAY (1978), THE TROGGS (1965), SRC (1970) and much more. DOwnlOad HEre: podcast # 347

Plastic Magic podcast #346 March 1 2015

On this episode we said goodbye to our friend Orlis Wheeler, a well known local record collector and wild man about town, goodbye to Spock and listen to tunes by: JOSEFUS (1970), ROGER McGUINN (1973), THE ZOMBIES (1968), CLOUDS (1970), THE KINKS (1970), FUNKADELIC (1973), CHICAGO (1970), McKENDREE SPRING (1969), MAD RIVER (1968), MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (1971), VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR (1970), ZEPHYR (1971), JEFFERSON STARSHIP (1973) and much more! DOwnLOaD here: podcast # 346

Monday, February 23, 2015

Plastic Magic podcast # 345 Feb. 22nd, 2015

Here you are folks, providing your alternate Oscars entertainment. On this episode, I had my friend Rob come join me for some cool records and chats. We listened to: KAHN (1971), MORGEN (1969), FOGHAT (1975), MERRY AIRBRAKES (1973), GROUNDHOGS (1969), GONG (1971), RENAISSANCE (1972), THE MICHEAL YONKERS BAND (1969), HUMBLE PIE (1970), BONZO DOG BAND (1971), HAWKWIND (1973) and more. DoWNload: podcast #345

Monday, February 16, 2015

Plastic Magic podcast # 344 Feb 8, 2015

Here Ye, Here Ye, Now dig this! REDEYE (1971), BOHEMIAN VENDETTA (1968), COLD BLOOD (1972), THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND (1968), MANDRILL (1972), ROBIN TROWER (1975), THE FUGS (1965), MORLEY GRAY (1972), ORPHEUS (1969) CLEAR LIGHT (1967), WISHBONE ASH (1971), STEELEYE SPAN (1971), STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK (1969), AMON DUUL II (1971), KAPTAIN KOPTER AND (FABULOUS) TWIRLY BIRDS (1972), THE AMBOY DUKES (1969) and much more. DOwnloaD hEre: podcast # 344

Plastic Magic podcast #343 Jan. 25, 2015

Rockin' to the sounds of: FEVER TREE (1969), AUM (1969), WIZARDS FROM KANSAS (1970), THE LEAVES (1967), BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY (1968), AORTA (1968), WINDY AND BONNIE (1969),  CULPEPER'S ORCHARD (1971), HAMPTON GREASE BAND (1971), FEAR ITSELF (1968), SPRING (1971) and more. Download it here: podcast # 343

Plastic Magic podcast # 342 January 18th, 2015

Well folks, I know I'm very behind on getting my posts' updated. It is snowing outside and I missed even doing the show live last night (feb 15) due to weather. So, it is now time to get updated. On this show we took a little detour from our normal route to play some things from mostly the '80's. During the Holidays (daze) I read the Sonic Youth bio by Alec Foege titled "Confusion Is Next-The Sonic Youth Story" which sort of caused me to go back and of course dig out all of my Sonic Youth Lps but also just 80's punk from my skateboarding days and some things I've discovered since then. So this show was to get those ya ya's out. You will dig the sounds of: ALICE DONUT, SOFT CELL, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, TRAGIC MULATTO, THE MINUTEMEN, HUMAN LEAGUE, DIE KREUZEN, THE CURE, THE PASSIONS, FLIPPER, LET'S ACTIVE, SHOES, SIMPLE MINDS, SACCHARINE TRUST, KILLING JOKE, JAPAN, BAD BRAINS and more. DOwnLoaD HEaR: podcast # 342

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Plastic Magic podcast #341 Jan 4, 2015

Starting off the new year with a set of completely spellbinding tunes by: YURY MOROZOV (1973), DONOVAN (1967), GINGER BAKER'S AIRFORCE (1970), CHARLIE DANIELS BAND (1974), CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM (1968), OBERON (1971), THE BEATLES (1967), PUBLIC FOOT THE ROMAN (1973), BLACK SABBATH (1970), EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER (1972), HAPSHASH AND THE COLOURED COAT (1967), ALICE COOPER (1972), ARGENT (1972) and much more. Download here: podcast # 341