Sunday, December 18, 2016

podcast # 418 December 4, 2016

..the finally on this show we listened to: THIRTY DAYS OUT (1972), SPIRIT (1970), MARC BENNO (1971), COUNTRY WEATHER (1969), YEZDA URFA (1975), THE DOOBIE BROTHERS (1971), DEEP PURPLE (1970), KALEIDOSCOPE (1966), HUMBLE PIE (1970), SEATRAIN (1970), DRAGONFLY (1970), ZEPHYR (1971), JIMI HENDRIX (1970) and more!!! DOwnLoAd iT HEre: podcast # 418

podcast # 417 November 27, 2016

...then after two shows in a row of a kind of late 70's into the 80's punk and post-punk stent, we return to my safe haven of 70's bongrawk with: TRAVIS (1975), THE FUGS (1967), PROPINQUITY (1971), LINN COUNTY (1968), NRBQ (1971), EL CHICANO (1971), HEARTSFIELD (1973), THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND (1968), PAVLOV'S DOG (1975), BRIAN AUGER AND THE TRINITY (1969), WIZARD (1971) ANT TRIP CEREMONY (1968), FLEETWOOD MAC (1971), SNAKEGRINDER (1977), TRIPSICHORD (1971), MOBY GRAPE (1971)... and more! DownLOad heRe: podcast # 417 November 27, 2016

podcast # 416 November 20, 2016

....and on this show we dug the sounds of: PERE UBU (1981), OHO (1974), CHEAP TRICK (1977), KRAFTWERK (1975), BUTTHOLE SURFERS (1984), SONIC YOUTH (1988), TRAGIC MULATO (1989), SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES (1984), RHYS CHATHAM (1987), THE JAM (1982), THE MOTORS (1978), THE RESIDENTS (1978), COWBOY MOUTH (1986), THE CLASH (1982), X (1982), BLACK FLAG (1982) and more! dowNloaD heRE: podcast # 416

podcast # 415 November 13th, 2016

Well kids, since Christmas is next weekend and I'm too poor to buy all of ya'll a gift, I figure that the least I can do is update my blog! So starting way back in mid-November, on this episode we listened to: BONGWATER (1988), SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND (1978), GARY NUMAN (1979), T. KAIL (1980), DURAN DURAN (1981), BLONDIE (1981), HALF JAPANESE (1983), THE REAL KIDS (1977), R. STEVIE MOORE (1975), TODD RUNDGREN (1978), MENTAL AS ANYTHING (1983), TALKING HEADS (1983), SHOES (1979), MARSHALL CRENSHAW (1983), LIGHTDREAMS (1981), FLAMIN' GROOVIES (1978) DEVO (1980) and more! DOwnLOad it all here: podcast #415

Saturday, November 12, 2016

podcast # 414 Halloween 2016!!!!

And here it is folks, your yearly dose of spooky stories and scary rock and roll!!! But really what makes this show so special as I was helped out with the majority of the music by none other than Billy Callen. Billy did the legendary show The Secret History of Rock And Roll in the early 2000's on KXUA. And also help with stories from legendary shortwave pirate Yukon Jack!! So here it is folks, try not to be too freaked out by the sounds of: THE FLESHTONES, OPIUM DEN, THE CRAMPS, NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS, THE FIENDS, SHIVA'S HEADBAND, THE GUN CLUB, CHROME, OS CATALEPTICOS, X, LINK WRAY and more including stories by: VINCENT PRICE, BORIS KARLOFf. Here it is: PODCAST # 414 OCT. 30, 2016 Happy Halloween!!!

podcast # 413 Oct 16, 2016

...and on this episode. I was visited by my buddy and fellow record geek Rob who brought some of his favorite picks from Memphis to throw in the mix. We were groovin' to the sounds of: JAMES LUTHER DICKINSON, THE ROCKIN FOO, BIG STAR, TAV FALCO, DUST, COUNTRY WEATHER, JD BLACKFOOT, LE ORME, SPRING, THE STRAWBS, FM, JANIS IAN and more! Download it all here: podcast # 413

Plastic Magic podcast #412 Oct 2, 2016

I know, I know, it's been a while. I have been busy but I'm still here! On this show (which aired over a month ago.. I know) we listened to: SWEET SMOKE (1970), TERRY REID (1973), MOBY GRAPE (1969), NITZINGER (1973), THE FACEDANCERS (1972), STEPHEN DAVID HEITKOTTER (1971), FEAR ITSELF (1968), NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS (1968), THE THIRD ESTATE (1976), PROPINQUITY (1971), THE MOVING SIDEWALKS (1968), QUICKSILVER (1967) and more!! Download here podcast # 412