Sunday, March 14, 2010

podcast #55 (March 14th, 2010)

(drawing by Caspian Eubanks age 5)

hey kids, this will be my last new show for a coupla weeks. I am going to SXSW next week with The Pope County Bootleggers. I hope to maybe interview some groups that I am looking forward to seeing, record it, edit it and present that on the radio here in a few weeks. But on this episode we listened to: CA QUINTET (1969), NRBQ (1969), THE BLUES MAGOO (1968), THE MOVING SIDEWALKS (1968), SUGARLOAF (1971), STEPPENWOLF (1969), BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE (1968) and some cuts from the Sundazed comp "2131 South Michigan Ave." which is a comp of bands recorded on the "USA" and "Destination" labels out Chicago in the 60's including the groups: THE CHERRY SLUSH, THE COUNTS, OSCAR HAMOD AND THE MAJESTICS, PARK AVE. PLAYGROUND, THE BUCKINGHAMS, LORD AND THE FLIES all heard here: podcast #55