Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plastic Magic podcast #69 July 18, 2010

Let it be known, that on the Plastic Magic rock and roll show tonight, we listened to: CAPTAIN BEYOND (1972), BLODWYN PIG (1970), LUCIFER'S FRIEND (1970), EPITAPH (1974), BRIAN AUGER'S OBLIVIAN EXPRESS (1971), KING CRIMSON (1970), NAZERETH (1973), JOHNNY WINTER AND (1971), BUCKWHEAT (1970), and even LED ZEPPELIN (1970). Also Stacey Mackie dropped by the studio to drop off a flyer and asked her to sit in front of the mic for a while and talk about her up coming gigs with David Kimbrough Jr. (son of the late great Junior Kimbrough of Fat Possum Rec. fame). Good times indeed! here it is podcast # 69 . and also if you have anything (request, suggestions, comments, or you just want to check in) you'd like to say thru email here it is