Monday, October 1, 2012

Plastic Magic podcast #245 Sept. 30th, 2012

Another exhilaratingly mellow episode of Plastic Magic just as it was aired on the cool fall night of September 30th on KXUA here in Fayetteville. We listened to the smooth kind-a prog rock-y, kind-a psychedelic sounds of: PAVLOV'S DOG (1975), FLASH (1971), CITY BOY (1977), GLASS HARP (1972), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1977),  JAMES TAYLOR AND THE ORIGINAL FLYING MACHINE  (1967), DANNY KIRWAN (1979), TRIUMVIRAT (1975),  IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY (1970), FAT CITY (1972), STARCASTLE (1976), THE FABULOUS RHINESTONES (1972), KISS (1974) and a whole lotta more! Just download it all here: podcast #245