Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plasic Magic 8-16-09 Woodstock Special

On this episode I played cuts from the 3xLP Woodstock album as well as cuts from the 2xLP Woodstock 2 album to celebrate Woodstocks 40th year. we heard more less side longs including: JIMI HENDRIX, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, SANTANA, MOUNTAIN,CANNED HEAT, BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND plus stage announcements and such DOWNLOAD THIS LINK:: woodstock special

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Plastic Magic 9-13-09

Plastic Magic is a rock and roll show which airs on KXUA 88.3fm from 6pm-8pm on sunday evenings in Fayetteville, AR...By a cat that goes by Filthy Phil (me a.k.a. Phillip Eubanks) The show first premired Nov. 08.. The music that gets played here comes from my record collection which started around 3rd grade (@1983). The most of it (material) was recorded 1966-1973. This show specializes in garage rock, psychedelic, acid rock, 70's stoner rock and the like...I like to keep like things together so one show may be mid to late 70's, or newer releases from late 90's to present or a change in genre to focus on one thing more (Feb. is black history i played blues, jazz and heavy soul, also did 2 shows on southern rock from the 70's last summer) If you live too far out of range of KXUA the station can also be heard on the web at or by going to the station blog at

If you have never heard this show before this would prob. be a fine example...on this episode we listened to:: FAMILY, THE MC5, ZEPHYR, THE IDES OF MARCH, SUGARLOAF, THE ELECTRIC PRUNES, COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH, HUMBLE PIE, DEEP PURPLE and much more DOWNLOAD LINK HERE:: Magic 9-13-09.mp3