Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plastic Magic podcast #60 May 2, 2010

hey kids, here 'tis 2 full hours of rock and roll superbliss! Hear kuts from: THE CHERRY SLUSH (1967), THE FOGGY NOTIONS (1966) and OSCAR HAMOD AND THE MAJESTICS (1966) (all three of which come from the fantastic 3xlp set from SUNDAZED Rec. called "2131 South Michigan Ave.) THE BLUES PROJECT (1966), PLASTIC ONO BAND (1971), ROBIN TROWER (1976), TIM BUCKLEY (1969), THE JESTERS OF NEWPORT (1966) and a 30 minute comedy piece by THE FIRESIGN THEATRE (1970) and much more... DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST HERE> podcast # 60