Friday, February 12, 2010


Hey kids, this sunday (valentine's day feb.14th, 2010) I (Filthy Phil) will start a feature showcase on one of my all time favorite groups  PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC. This sunday expecting to make it from 1970-1974 (maybe 1975). This will also carry over to next sunday as will, and will feature music also from BOOTSY'S RUBBER BAND, PARLET, FUZZY HASKIN'S, EDDIE HAZEL, BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN, PARLIAMENT, FUNKADELIC and THE P-FUNK ALLSTARS. Hope you tune in to PLASTIC MAGIC sunday nights 6-8pm (CST) on KXUA 88.3 fm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Plastic Magic podcast #50 Feb. 7th 2010 (black history month special vol. 4)

Hey kids, this is the first of 4 special shows on Plastic Magic for black history month. I decided to devote the whole month to blues, jazz, and heavy soul music. This show ended up blues heavy. I had a call come in the studio tonight saying this was the best show I've done...but you can decide that for your self! On this episode we listened to: LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS, SUN RA (1972), JIMMY DAWKINS (1971),  THE METERS, STEVIE WONDER (1974), JOHN LEE HOOKER (1969), THE OHIO PLAYERS (1972), JOHN COLTRANE (1966), TOWER OF POWER (1974), J.B. HUTTO AND THE HAWKS (1968) and much more...Next week we will be exploring the sexy sounds of Funkadelic so don't miss it! For tonights show DOWNLOAD THIS LINK: 2-07-2010 Black History Month Vol. 4 also if upon listening to this podcast makes you want to listen to more of the same, check out the shows from last Feb. too (located on the left side of screen under podcast archives). The reason the heading of this entry says "vol. 4" is because 1-3 was last year. Have fun with it!