Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plastic Magic podcast #244 September 23rd, 2012

Well, first of all, I say a few times during this episode that it is sept. 22nd. I was not trying to lie....just confused. If you can forgive me, we can now get on with the show. On this one I invited another old friend Richard Burnett who was somehow after all this time making his first appearance on my show. Our intention was to talk a little about the Bikes Blues and BBQ Fest that is making its way into our city this week and to play a little of Richard's new band and to talk about the line up for the event and play a little blues and southern rock music while we are at it. On this podcast you will be delighted by the sounds of: SON SEALS (1976), THE BUGS HENDERSON GROUP (1976), ERIC QUINCY TATE BAND (1975), WET WILLIE (1973), GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY (1970), THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS (1967), JOHN LEE HOOKER (1969), THE NIGHTHAWKS (1976), BABY (1974), DAVID ALLAN COE (1977), THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (1969) and much more! doWnloAD iT heaR: podcast #244