Monday, April 11, 2016

podcast # 390 April 10, 2016

Hey friends and neighbors! On this episode we listened to the out-of-this-world sounds of: THE FACEDANCERS (1972), HACIENDO PUNTO EN OTRO SON (1977), PETER READ (1977), OBERON (1971), THE ARTIE KORNFELD TREE (1970), BLACK STALLION (197?), SANTANA (1972), CORPUS (1972), SEOMPI (1972), RUNT (1970), BLUE CHEER (1970), THE CLIMAX BLUES BAND (1969), BERT SOMMER (1970) and much more! Dig it here: podcast # 390

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Podcast # 389 April 3, 2016

And on this fun-filled and ultra riveting show we hear the outstanding music of: SWEATHOG (1971), THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND (1970), GLEN BALLARD (1973), THE PATRON SAINTS (1969), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1972), SIR LORD BALTIMORE (1971), HEAVY BALLOON (1969), SOM IMAGINARIO (1973), THE THIRD ESTATE (1976), THE MOODY BLUES (1972), THE ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS (1970), CREAM (1968), DEEP PURPLE (1971) and music from local Arkansas musician ROSS HURLEY (1986)! Dig it all right here: podcast # 389

podcast # 388 March 27, 2016 Easter Sunday Special

On this Easter Special we listened to some very rare and hard to find Christian hippie psych rarities of the 70's. I also recorded the "mystery hour" portion of the show, which I usually never do. So you get 3 hours this time. Hear the truly magical sounds of: FRACTION (1971), THE BRIDGE (1972-73), THE LAST CALL OF SHILOH (1972) CHILDREN OF THE DAY (1971), AZITIS (1971), DOVE (1974),  DUST (1972), SILOAM (there actually two different groups with this name..and we listened to both 1977), KRISTYL (1975), AUM (1969), WILSON McKINLEY (1971), PRESSED DOWN SHAKEN TOGETHER AND RUNNING OVER (1975), PETRA (1974) and much more including the whole "mystery hour" preshow which is a very beat up record by Vaughn Meader. Download it here: podcast # 388 Easter Special, psychedelic sunday service part 2

Plastic Magic podcast # 387 March 13, 2016

Hey everybody out there in podcastland!!! This was a special show in that I had the very talented and  prolific local artist (both musical and on paper) Brian Abel on. Brian and I discuss among other things his current band Bik Fliqqr, skateboarding and the long list of bands and musical projects he has been doing for the past couple of decades! When we weren't talking about that, we listened to: SPACE OPERA (1972), THE WHO (1973), JIMMIE SPHEERIS (1971), IRON BUTTERFLY (1970), FLEETWOOD MAC (1974), RUBY STARR AND GREY GHOST (1975), THE MC5 (1968), THE GROUNDHOGS and much more. Dig it here: podcast # 387