Friday, September 2, 2011

Tell Your Story On The Radio About 9/11

On the next Plastic Magic radio show, I am planning on doing something in memorial to the 9/11 attacks on New York and DC. If you have a story on what your day was like, meaning how you got the news of it or what the weather was like where you were or anything you'd like to say about I am inviting you to send your story via email to be read over the air. If I am not mistaken it will air also on shortwave the night on Area 51 WBCQ 5110kHz where we have a lot of listeners in that area. Please title your email with 9/11 or something like that and write it as you want it to be read. email: Thank you

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plastic Magic podcast #105 August 28th, 2011

Oh and by the way, the tape shown in this entry and the other photos of tapes are actual off air recordings of the show made on the home Hi Fi. They are recorded from the live transmition from KXUA for my own archive collection. I have a recording of almost every Plastic Magic episode on good old analog magnetic cassette tape filed away which I plan on digging out and listening to again in my retirement days...while sitting in my rocking my cabin in the deep woods of Arkansas...which I don't have yet.....but someday I will....

About this episode, which was broadcast live Aug 28th, 2011 on both KXUA 88.3fm here in Fayetteville, AR and also WBCQ 5.110 mHz shortwave out of Monticello, Maine went something like this: BLUES IMAGE (1969),  THE STOOGES (1969), BLOODROCK (1970), DUST (1971), THE DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING (1970), JOSEFUS (1970), HUMBLE PIE (1969), BLACKWELL (1970), THE EAST SIDE KIDS (1968), MOUNTAIN (1974), STEPPENWOLF (1970), FLEETWOOD MAC (1971), LUCIFER'S FRIEND (1970), FUNKADELIC (1972),  and much more including a 13 minute live piece from The MC5 recorded at Saginaw Civic Center Jan. 1st, 1970 (Lp bootleg!). Enjoy this free 2 1/2 hour PoDCast DOwNloAd hERe: podcast #105

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Plastic Magic on Area 51 tonight!

The Plastic Magic Radio Show will air live (1st hour at least) on Area 51 tonight. That's 5110kHz shortwave 7-9pm CST. Email reception reports to: . I have QSL cards avail.

And for those in the Fayetteville/ Northwest Arkansas area listen on KXUA 88.3fm 6-8pm. If that doesn't work you can listen to webstream at:

Complete schedule for Area 51 here: world microscope.