Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plastic Magic Podcast #97 (June 5th, 2011)

Hey everybody out there in podcast land! We stayed on an extra hour sunday to make a complete live show on shortwave. So here are some things you will get out of this free 3 hour podcast: THE SOFT MACHINE (1970), THE ROAD (1971), FEVER TREE (1969), THE AMBOY DUKES (1969), SHIVA'S HEADBAND (1970), THE SHOCKING BLUE (1970), IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY (1969), SUGARLOAF (1970), THE DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING(1970)  and much more including POT LIQUOR (goes out to Stuart Field in Houston...forgot to say that over the air)....this was broadcast sunday June 5th over KXUA 88.3fm and WBCQ 5.110mHz shortwave. DOwNloAd hERe: podcast #97