Sunday, January 3, 2010

Plastic Magic radio will be on hiatus a little longer

Hey friends,

Looks like I'm off the air again this week. Not my choice this time. I actually went to the studio with a freshly prepaired show, but found the U of A student union chain locked because of Christmas break! So I went home. As for next week I am going to be playing at a party with my band in my home town. So I won't be back on until Sunday January 17th. As for the "lost" Solstice Show podcast, I will try to get it posted on the night of the 17th if it's available then. The reason I haven't posted it is because our subscription to Mediafire ran out which knocked us from "pro" to "basic". The solstice show is a 4 hour podcast and I guess it wouldn't hold to what we have, which is a shame because I have had a lot of people who are now living out of town who are featured on it (it was a local band show...if you missed it) who want to hear it. This problem is apparently also contributing to other problems people may be having downloading shows from KXUA at the moment. so if you are looking for something to put on that new ipod you just got for Christmas I am posting the 3 shows I did last year for "Black History Month" in Febuary. Again this year for febuary I will be doing all shows a celebration to Black music which I believe all good music has come from (think about it, even Black Sabbath owes something to the blues). So here are some podcast I hope you will enjoy. I can't tell you exactlly what to expect on each one but I can tell you you will hear blues, jazz, and heavy soul music from the usual era (late 60's to early 70's) that I stay in: Black History Month Pt.1 , Black History Month Pt.2, Black History Month Pt.3 This Febuary I plan on devoting at least one whole show if not 2 to Parlament Funkadelic and all related to it...stay tuned!