Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plastic Magic podcast #108 October 9, 2011

Back from a two week hiatus with a stack of beat-up-as-hell soul and blues 45's! With Yer Uncle Butch co-hosting with me, Filthy Phil, here is the way it went down sunday October 9th as broadcast over KXUA 88.3fm Fayetteville, AR and WBCQ 5110kc shortwave Monticello, Maine: THE CHERRY PEOPLE, BILL DEAL and the RHONDELS, THE APPLEJACKS, THE IMPRESSIONS, JERRY WASHINGTON, THE GOODEES, EARNEST JACKSON, RUFUS THOMAS, HAROLD DORMAN, THE DELFONICS, DETROIT EMERALDS, ALBERT KING, LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR, THE BAR KAYS, JOHN LEE HOOKER, DENISE LASALLE and much more including some real Arkansas 60's garage rock from THE ROMANS and some special Razorback novilty tunes from CECIL BUFFALO and the PROPHETS and LEFTY FLOYD!!! downLoAD Here: podcast #108