Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Plastic Magic Halloween Special Presented in Hi-FrIght Scaryophonic Sound: Podcast #111 (Oct. 30, 2011)

Here is the Halloween episode kids....'tis very spooky: ULTIMATE SPINACH, BLOODROCK, THE DOWNLINER'S SECT, PIG IRON, CHANTS R & B, BAUHAUS, 20 MILES, OPEN MIND, THEE SHAMS, C.A. QUINTET, SHINDIG SHOP, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, DEAD KENNEDYS, THE JEFF BECK GROUP, SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS, ALICE COOPER, THE BLACK ANGELS, SWEETWATER and much more including ghost and horror stories, some introduced by Alfred Hitchcock. Co-hosted with "The Butcher" and features his Halloween intro that only gets played for the halloween shows. 3 hour podcast of fear: podcast #111 presented in Hi-frIght Scaryophonic Sound