Sunday, August 28, 2016

Plastic Magic podcast # 403

Hey Hey! Everybody out there in RADIOLAND!!! Well, This was a big big show in that we had a local legend from a local band from right here in Fayetteville! On this show I got the opportunity to interview John "The Bear" Humphries from the 70's Fayetteville group COTTON! We talked about the life and times of Fayetteville in the 70's and 80's, recording their album, and everything!
Other than that we also listened to tunes by: OBERON (1971), MORGEN (1969), CRABBY APPLETON (1970), GARY HIGGINS (1973), TRIPSICHORD (1971), PETER GREEN (1979), tAYLOR bAY bAND (1981), MOTHER TUCKER'S YELLOW DUCK (1969), TERRY REID (1973) and of course, COTTON (1980).. download it here: podcast #403