Sunday, July 20, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #321 July 20, 2014

And on this show we pay tribute to blues/ rock guitar slinger, Johnny Winter who passed away this week and we dug into these tunes: CULPEPER'S ORCHARD (1972), GLASS HARP (1972), MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (1973), PEARL'S BEFORE SWINE (1967), THE MOVING SIDEWALKS (1968), RAM (1972), THE INSECT TRUST (1969), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1977), MANFRED MANN'S CHAPETR THREE (1969), and of course JOHNNY WINTER Hear it all here: podcast #321

Plastic Magic podcast #320 July 13, 2014

On this episode we pay tribute to one of my heroes in the record collecting world, Patrick Lundborg, author of "The Acid Archives" who recently passed away and also the Tennessee farm commune guru Stephen Gaskin who also passed...otherwise we listened to some really great music like this: THE AQUARIAN AGE (1969), ARS NOVA (1968), SANTANA (1971), FEAR ITSELF (1968), GARY HIGGINS (1973), SILVER METRE (1970), FAUST (1973), HIGH MAGIC (2014), JEFFERTITTI'S NILE (2014), BLACK SABBATH (1973), FARM BAND (1972), CANNED HEAT (1968), THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM (1970) and much more. DownloAD HEAR: podcast #320