Friday, April 5, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast #265 March 31st, 2013 Easter Sunday

Good day/ night everybody, here is the Plastic Magic Easter show. Sorry I'm a little late posting this....time escapes me sometimes but better a little late than never I guess. This show on the night it aired got a lot more response via telephone and email than I expected, which makes me proud. Well check it out for yourself, here it is: ELP (1973), FAT MATRESS (1969), FRACTION (1971), FLASH (1972), MOTHER EARTH (1968), ELECTRIC PRUNES (1967), SPIRIT (1968), HIGH TIDE (1969), DOVE (1974), SWEETWATER (1967), GLASS HARP (1972), MOVING SIDEWALKS (1968) and more. DownLOad iT here: podcast #265