Sunday, August 22, 2010

podcast #74 (Aug. 22nd 2010)

Welcome back all ye University of Arkansas college students! For those of the hard 1960's and 70's rock persuasion, this show will be of some interest to you. All of the material played on this program comes from my own collection I have been gathering since I was a kid (in the early 80's). And it mostly all comes from the original analog LPs. On this show we listened to: DUST (1971), HAWKWIND (1974), BLUE CHEER (1969), MOUNTAIN (1969), LOVE (1966), THE FUGS (1966), TEN YEARS AFTER (1972), THE BEACON STREET UNION (1968), COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH (1967), THE ROCKIN' RAMRODS (1965), SANTANA (1969), THE DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING (1970) and much more including a song from the group MINT TATTOO (1969) formed by former members of BLUE CHEER! So download this link podcast #74 Aug 22, 2010 and if you want to you can even tell me what you think about by email This show is now also syndicated on  on mondays from 8pm-10pm PST. If you miss the orig sunday on air broadcast from KXUA, speaking of which you can always catch the program live at