Sunday, August 8, 2010

podcast # 72 "The 80's Show" and tribute to Windy Austin

Hey everybody out there in podcast land! Well me and some old dear buddies of mine (Nate Higgins and Butch Taylor) had been planning to do an 80's show sometime to spotlight some bands that are kind of hard to fit in during a "normal" Plastic Magic show. So here it is: podcast # 72 "the 80's show" you'll hear things such as: THE CURE, THE CULT, ELVIS COSTELLO, CHEAP TRICK, THE CRAMPS, DEAD KENNEDYS, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, DURAN DURAN, TALKING HEADS, DEVO, X, JANE'S ADDICTION, THE PIXIES and NRBQ...we even went as far as playing some old "hair band" faves like: RATT and MOTLEY CRUE! At the end we played a tribute to the late WINDY AUSTIN who died this morning. WINDY AUSTIN fronted some legendary groups in Fayetteville Arkansas like RODEO, ZORRO AND THE BLUE FOOTBALLS and  WINDY AUSTIN'S HOT HOUSE TOMATO BOYS. This podcast is 3 hours (meant to half it but forgot to) and in the last hour of the show we played the whole LP of ZORRO AND THE BLUE FOOTBALLS.