Sunday, November 29, 2015

podcast #376 November 22, 2015

And at last on this show I had my buddy Zeek to sit in and we talked about lots of stuff and played tunes by: THEE SHAMS (2004), THE SOLEDAD BROTHERS (2002), CANDY PANTS (2001), THE BLACK ANGELS (2007), THE DEADLY SNAKES (2006), THE BLACK LIPS (2004), THE HENCHMEN (1998), MOUNT CARMEL (2010) and much more. Download it here: podcast #376

podcast # 375 November 15, 2015

On this show we listened to: OBERON (1971), AZITIS (1971), FAIRPORT CONVENTION (1968), MOTHER TUCKER'S YELLOW DUCK (1969), NEKTAR (1972), SOPWITH CAMEL (1973), MIGHTY BABY (1971), DAEVID ALLEN (1971), EDDIE CALLAHAN (1976), STEVE MILLER BAND (1971) and much more! Download here: podcast #375

podcast # 374 November 1, 2015

Hey everybody out there in podcast land! This was kind of an unusual and fun show being that I had an old friend and fellow musician Dave "Tato" Morris on with me and we used up most of the 2 hours just talking about stuff. We did manage to play a few tunes from: GARRETT LUND (1975), SILVER APPLES (1968), WAILING WALL (1970), THE LITTER (1969), FROST (1970) and of course we played some music from Dave's band THE INNER PARTY. Download it here: podcast # 374