Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Plastic magic podcast #242 Aug. 19th, 2012

Hey there everybody! WeIcome to the University of Arkansas all you new students you! guess this is our sort-of back to school episode. I would call it a back to school special but there's really nothing all that special about it.  All I can tell ya is you don't want to get WINSTON'S FUMPS on yer bare hands and if you every come across THE GRODECK WIPPERJENNY don't look it in the eyes! On this show we listened to mostly 60's garage rock tunes from the likes of: THE FACTORY, THE BALLOON FARM, THE TRAVEL AGENCY, VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE HARBRINGER COMPLEX, SMALL FACES, THE REMAINS, THE POETS, THE SLOTHS, MORLEY GREY, LONNIE BROOKS, LITTLE JOHN AND THE MONKS, EUCLID and much more. Download It for free podcast #242 and listen to it when you feel like it!