Thursday, April 22, 2010


As most of you know by now The Flaming Lips and fellow OKC band Stardeath and White Dwarfs teamed up last year to rehearse, record and perform together live on New Years Eve their version of Pink Floyd's 1973 classic "Dark Side Of The Moon". Last saturday Warner Brothers released it on LP (vinyl as the hipsters say) for record store day. This was released on mp3 in December, but to me that doesn't really count, as I don't do mp3s (yet...I'm actually thinking about getting an mp3 player to listen to radio shows and such)....anyway I got my copy and I plan on playing the whole thing on the radio this sunday April 25th along with a stereo version of The Flaming Lips 1997 classic Zaireeka. I will have my buddy Nate Higgins for added insight and commentary, as he was there to see this all go down in OKC new years eve! This show will not be podcast because this album was just released, and I don't want to just hand it over to ya. Just thought you guys might want to hear it, as I think it is a great version of an old classic! If you live outside the listening area you can check it out via: or as always Plastic Magic airs live on sunday evening from 6-8pm CST from Fayetteville, AR

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plastic Magic podcast # 59 April 18, 2010

hey kiddos, here are some tunes for ya from your heros: BLACK PEARL (1968), THE LIVE ADVENTURES OF MIKE BLOOMFIELD AND AL KOOPER (1968), DEEP PURPLE (1972), GRAND FUNK RAILROAD (1970), THE MC5 (1971), BLUE CHEER (1968), BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE (1968), NAZARETH (1973), BLACK SABBATH (1971), BLUE OYSTER CULT (1973), AEROSMITH (1975) and many more! For the podcast of tonight's radio show click on this link plastic magic april 18th 2010 podcast Special thanks to Stuart Field (DJ of "After the FACT" which airs on KXUA sat. 2-4pm) for filling in on my show last week (for podcast of that episode see "podcast archives" on your left). Tune in next week for a special feature episode of Plastic Magic focusing on two albums by the FLAMING LIPS , more on that later (check back soon)