Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Plastic Magic Winter Solstice Special podcast # 340 The White Album Project

Friends, it is with great pride that I present this show to you. Every winter about this time we (me) like to devote a whole episode of Plastic Magic to showcase Arkansas music. This time around we have a well rehearsed and well performed one time project called The White Album Project. This is of course a cover of The Beatles' White Album of 1968, a universally known classic. This was recorded at Juanita's in Little Rock Arkansas on March 13, 1991, May 23, 1991 & Jan 8, 1992 and the finished disc put together from compiling the best of the 3 shows. The cast of all star Little Rock musicians include: LEE TOMBOULIAN, MARC TURNER, BETTY ELKINS, BONNIE TURNER, MIKE THOMAS, ROSS HURLEY and  JASON ADAMS. Enjoy: podcast 340

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Very Plastic Magic Christmas

Well folks, here is a from traditional to weird three hour Christmas special. All in good fun folks please don't get offended. Download here: podcast # 339 Christmas special
(painting by: Mark Rydan)

Plastic Magic Radio Show featured in The Idle Class Magazine!

THE MAGIC TOUCH: “Filthy Phil” Eubanks may have a music addiction, but that’s okay. As the host of “Plastic Magic Radio,” he’s got an excuse.

Plastic Magic is a weekly radio show specializing in “acid rock, garage rock, psychedelic, stoner rock, and garage rock revival, mostly from 1966-1973.” It airs on KXUA 88.3 FM (the University of Arkansas’s radio station) as well as on Area 51 WBCQ 5110 kHz shortwave radio from Monticello, Maine. It’s hosted by “Filthy Phil” aka Phillip Eubanks. The Idle Class recently had the opportunity to discuss the show with him.
It would probably be pretty difficult for you to do your show if you weren’t really into record collecting. How did you get into record collecting?
The first record I can remember buying was either AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock… We Salute You” or Rush’s “Grace Under Pressure.” Like most of the kids of my generation growing up in the ‘80s, I learned a lot early on from MTV. The community radio station out of Little Rock, KABF, had a really great rap/hip hop show on Saturday afternoon where I learned a lot more from people who were quite obviously above and beyond passionate about what they were playing. Thinking about it now, this is probably where my love for underground radio started. And this was all before the fifth grade. From there the next big thing for me was Prince. And that is probably about the time I decided to stop buying tapes and only buy LPs.
By the sixth grade I started skateboarding and eventually started hanging out with the skaters and looking at skateboard magazines. I started seeing the t-shirts for sale of the punk groups from the ‘80s. Groups like Black Flag, Circle Jerks, The Cramps, Butthole Surfers and so on. My friend Thomas came back from visiting family in Arizona around this time and came back with a tape of the Dead Kennedy’s “Bedtime For Democracy.” I went to the local record store in Russellville, The Joker, and had them order that for me. I noticed on the record jacket ‘for free catalog write to:…’ and I did. So, I have been ordering records through the mail like that ever since.  Most of the punk rock LPs I have were obtained this way from labels like SST, Alternative Tentacles, Touch and Go, etc. I usually would try to get the local record shop to try and order it for me first but if they couldn’t get it, really it was just easier to do it through the mail, especially living in a small town in Arkansas.
One of the benefits of getting into this hobby in the mid-80s was that was when CDs were the next big thing and records were thought of as second rate. People were taking whole collections to the pawn shop where I would buy them for $1 each! I spent every dime I had on records and skateboard parts (before I ever spent any money on beer, cigarettes, gas for the car, dates with girls or whatever).
I spent lunch money my mom gave for school and from mowing lawns. And I was curious then, sort of like I am now, with buying something just because the cover looks cool.
How many records are in your collection and what’s your most prized record?
In my living room I would estimate there are probably around 10,000 to 12,000 LPs and more in the garage. I have lots of records worth $50 to $250. To my knowledge, the most valuable record I have is a VG++ copy of a group called Mary Butterworth. I received an email from a listener from Ohio, I believe, that said he knew of a copy there selling for $1,800! I think there were less than 500 made. I paid 75 cents for my copy.
How did you make the leap from eccentric record collector to eccentric record collector with a radio show?
I have always wanted to do a radio show. I grew up listening to Clyde Clifford’s “Beaker Street” radio show on Magic 105 out of Little Rock in the ‘80s. And decided if I ever got the opportunity I would like to be like that.
Any specific story behind the name “Plastic Magic”?
When the show first went on the air in November 2008, I called it “Cruisin’ With Filthy Phil.”  The next morning after the first show I woke up from a dream that my radio show was called “Plastic Magic,” meaning records are made of plastic and well I guess the magic is self-explanatory.
Each episode of “Plastic Magic” is pretty unique in regard to the music played – how do you generally decide on a playlist for each show?
As for a playlist, I pick out songs for the show during the week and I have no idea what order to play them in until I get to the studio. Then I just sort of feel my way through the show as it is happening. Sometimes it is planned around a holiday or something but most of the time I’m just trying to find things I haven’t played yet. A lot of times it is showing something I just found.
The original idea was to never play the same thing twice. That hasn’t remained, but to my credit it is hard to remember now if I have or haven’t played certain things, sometimes someone will request to hear something I’ve already played and some things simply deserve to be heard again.
What made you decide to focus on this ‘60s/’70s/garage/psych/etc. area of rock and roll?
Of all the phases in music from punk to ‘50s doo wop to alt country to outlaw country to jazz to blues to whatever, I decided on the Vietnam-era 1965-73 acid rock because for one it is one of the most artistically interesting and seems almost endless of material. This was actually my first love in music because of my brothers and as far as putting on a radio show this was the deepest well in my collection. So in a way this also brought me back sort of full circle. And also was the hope that I might do for some kid what Clyde Clifford did for me with “Beaker Street.”
How long do you plan to keep doing the show?
The only plan I ever had for how long to do the show was five years. I’ve passed that now.
VISIT: PlasticMagic.blogspot.com

Plastic Magic podcast #338 December 14, 2014

....and if that was not enough, here are some more mind-boggling sounds of Plastic Magic: CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS, SPIRIT, THE RED CRAYOLA, SHIVA'S HEADBAND, BIG STAR, PINK FLOYD, T. REX, PATTI SMITH GROUP, KALEIDOSCOPE [UK], MC5, THE ARTESIANS, THE POETS, THE BIRDS, RARE BIRD, MOBY GRAPE, BUNKER HILL and more! Download here: podcast #338

Plastic Magic podcast #337 December 7, 2014

Hey there kiddos! Here is another gathering of swell tunes in the form of: PHANTASIA (1971), SAM APPLE PIE (1969), ANT TRIP CEREMONY (1968), THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND (1969), THE BUOYS (1971), SILVER APPLES (1968), HAVENSTREET (1977), NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS (1968),  MISTY WIZARDS (1967), CHARLIES (1970), WENDY AND BONNIE (1969), NICK DRAKE (1972), and much more! download iT aLL hear: podcast #337

Monday, December 1, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #336 Nov. 30, 2014

Celebrating 6 full years of Plastic Magic on KXUA! On this episode we grooved (on 3 freqs: 88.3 FM, 7490 kc and 5110 kc shortwave) to the happy birthday sounds of:  J. RIDER (1977), FREEDOM (1971), CLIMAX BLUES BAND (1971), FARM (1971), LINN COUNTY (1968), BRAIN POLICE (1968), BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (1971), GRATEFUL DEAD (1969), LOVE (1969), SOPWITH CAMEL (1973), MUDDY WATERS (1968), FLEETWOOD MAC (1973) and so forth. DowNLoad these groovies for free as always: podcast #336

Plastic Magic podcast #335 Nov. 23, 2014

Hey everybody out there in podcastland! On this show we listened to the drastic sounds of: PAVLOV'S DOG (1975), EUCLID (1970), GONG (1974), ELIAS HULK (1970), HAMPTON GREASE BAND (1971), JIMI HENDRIX (1970), MORNING GLORY (1968), KHAN (1971), GARY HIGGINS (1973), MORGEN (1969), FAMILY (1970), FRIJID PINK (1970), THE MOVE (1967), PETER KAUKONEN (1973) and much more. download: podcast #335

Monday, November 17, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast # 334 November 16, 2014

Well folks, this is exciting because Kody Ford stopped by to visit. Who is Kody Ford? He is the editor of the local art and culture magazine The Idle Class. So why is he stopping by the KXUA studios to pay a visit to me? Because they recently did a story on me in the Idle Class magazine! So that's why. In the meantime we rocked to fantastic tunes by: THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES (1971), JAMUL (1970), FUNKADELIC (1972), CULPEPER'S ORCHARD (1971), GOLDEN DAWN (1967), GANDALF (1969), THE AMBOY DUKES (1969), MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (1974), LORD SUTCH (1970), ELLEN MCILWAINE (1972), COLD BLOOD (1969), COLOSSEUM (1969), H.P. LOVECRAFT (1968) and much more. DowNlOAd iT here: podcast # 334

Plastic Magic podcast #'s 332 (November 2, 2014) & 333 (November 9, 2014)

We have not one but two!

Hey everybody here is the first one from November 2 (my mom's birthday): THEM (1965), NRBQ (1972), EDIP AKBAYRAM (1977), THE PRETTY THINGS (1968), CHARLIES (1970), RENAISSANCE (1972), VANILLA FUDGE (1967), MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND (1972), STYX (1972) THE WHO (1967), BRIAN ENO (1974) and more. Download here: podcast #332

And here is the show from November 9, 2014: TOAD (1970), ANONYMOUS (1976), JADE WARRIOR (1972), KALEIDOSCOPE [USA] (1970), PAUL McCARTNEY (1971), HARVEY MANDEL (1970), VELVET UNDERGROUND (1970), THE PINK FARIES (1971), SEATRAIN (1970), DR. JOHN (1971), CLOUDS (1970), LED ZEPPELIN (1971), J.D. BLACKFOOT (1970), BUDDY MILES (1970), SOFT MACHINE (1968) and more. Download it here: podcast # 333


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Plastic Magic Halloween Special 2014 podcast!!!

Well, here it is folks. The annual 3 hours of sheer terror that is the Plastic Magic Halloween special. This year we heard frightening music and spooky tales from ghouls like:  THE STRANGELOVES, DEAD ON ARRIVAL, ALICE COOPER, BLACK SABBATH, BAUHAUS, THE CHIPS, THE DOORS, THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN, BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, JIMMY SMITH, THE MARKETTS, APHRODITE'S CHILD, LUV MACHINE, WILLIAM CONRAD, BORIS KARLOFF, THE STRAWBS, MAD RIVER, ATOMIC ROOSTER, THE RATS, EL RITUAL, COLD SUN, ALICE DONUT, VINCENT PRICE, THE HUNS, THE HAUNTED and more! Sweet dreams: podcast #331 Happy Halloween 2014

Plastic Magic Podcast #330 Oct. 19, 2014

Hey everybody, I guess this one is sort of the pre- Halloween show with the likes of: MIRKWOOD (1973), ERNAN ROCH (1971), T.I.M.E. (1969), BOHEMIAN VENDETTA (1968), PEOPLE! (1968), SHINDIG SHOP (1993), BUDGIE (1972), CHRYSALIS (1968), SPRING (1971), THE MOVING SIDEWALKS (1968), MOBY GRAPE (1969), HAVENSTREET (1977),  MANPOWER (1969) and much more: podcast #330

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Plastic Magic Podcast # 329 October 12, 2014

And finally, we come to this one. You will be thoroughly rocked with the unrelenting sounds of: FEAR ITSELF (1968), MODULO 1000 (1970), LOS DUG DUG'S (1973), CATAPILLA (1972), WISHBONE ASH (1970), 'OL PAINT (1971), AMON DUUL II (1972), LED ZEPPELIN (1973), MORNING DEW (1971), FEVER TREE (1969), AUM (1969). dOWnloAD HERe: podcast #329

Plastic Magic podcast # 328 September 28, 2014

....and on this one: SILVER APPLES (1968), JAMES GANG (1970), STEPHEN AND THE FARM BAND (1973), KRAFTWERK (1974), RAM (1972), SPARKS (1972), TUCKY BUZZARD (1973), CARTOONE (1969), HOMER (1971), WHITE WITCH (1972), STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK (1969), GONG (1973), GENESIS (1972) and more. DoWnlOad hEAr: podcast # 328

Plastic Magic podcast #327 September 21, 2014

Hey everybody out there in podcastland! On this episode you will hear the devastatingly heavy sounds of: THE FABULOUS RHINESTONES (1971), QUARTERMASS (1970), HOOKFOOT (1972), CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND (1967), PHANTASIA (1971), TEN WHEEL DRIVE (1969), THE STRAWBS (1971), FAUST (1973), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1973), MASHMAKHAN (1970), THE PLEASURE FAIR (1967), MC5 (1971), BLODWYN PIG (1970), HARVEY MANDEL (1972) and much more. But don't take my word for it, hear it for yourself by downloading this (FREE AS ALWAYS) podcast: podcast #327

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast # 326 Septembre 7, 2014

.....and this one too: PUBLIC FOOT THE ROMAN (1973), FRIJID PINK (1970), ONE (1972), CULPEPER'S ORCHARD (1971), CLOUDS (1970), SHOW OF HANDS (1970), LE STELLE DI MARIO SCHIFANO (1967), THE PENTANGLE (1969), THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN (1970), EL RITUAL (1971) and much more! DOwnLoaD hERe: podcast #326

Plastic Magic podcast #325 August 31, 2014

Hey everybody out there in PODCAST LAND! Better late than never, as they say, and here it is: THE SIEGEL-SCHWALL BAND (1971), FREEDOM (1971), PETER KAUKONEN (1972), MORLEY GREY (1972), RICK SPRINGFIELD (1973), HAWKWIND (1973), BLACK SABBATH (1970), JOE E. COVINTON'S FAT FANDANGO (1973), BLOSSUM TOES (1967), MORGEN (1969), ANT TRIP CEREMONY (1968), WEST BRUCE AND LAING (1973), C.A. QUINTET (1968) and much more. DowNLoaD HEAr: podcast #325

Friday, August 15, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #323 August 10th, 2014

Well kids, I just couldn't resist, I dug out a few records on the subject to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon resigning from office...here is the Tricky Dick Spectacular!

Plastic Magic podcast #322 July 27th, 2014

Here it is folks, another mind bending thrill ride into the world of acid rock: CAT MOTHER AND THE ALL-NIGHT NEWS BOYS (1970), ATOMIC ROOSTER (1971), MU (1971), IAN MATTHEWS (1974), MICHAEL YONKERS BAND (1968), EPITAPH (1974), ALICE COOPER (1971), LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE (1968), Jjuujjuu (2013), MORNING GLORY (1968), KALEIDOSCOPE (usa 1969), GURU GURU (1970), BREWER AND SHIPLEY (1970) and more. Download here: podcast #322

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #321 July 20, 2014

And on this show we pay tribute to blues/ rock guitar slinger, Johnny Winter who passed away this week and we dug into these tunes: CULPEPER'S ORCHARD (1972), GLASS HARP (1972), MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (1973), PEARL'S BEFORE SWINE (1967), THE MOVING SIDEWALKS (1968), RAM (1972), THE INSECT TRUST (1969), CAPTAIN BEYOND (1977), MANFRED MANN'S CHAPETR THREE (1969), and of course JOHNNY WINTER Hear it all here: podcast #321

Plastic Magic podcast #320 July 13, 2014

On this episode we pay tribute to one of my heroes in the record collecting world, Patrick Lundborg, author of "The Acid Archives" who recently passed away and also the Tennessee farm commune guru Stephen Gaskin who also passed...otherwise we listened to some really great music like this: THE AQUARIAN AGE (1969), ARS NOVA (1968), SANTANA (1971), FEAR ITSELF (1968), GARY HIGGINS (1973), SILVER METRE (1970), FAUST (1973), HIGH MAGIC (2014), JEFFERTITTI'S NILE (2014), BLACK SABBATH (1973), FARM BAND (1972), CANNED HEAT (1968), THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM (1970) and much more. DownloAD HEAR: podcast #320

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #319 June 29, 2014

This week I was joined by my buddy Rob. On this podcast you will be absolutely astounded by these abundant sounds: JERRY GARCIA (1972), ROGER McGUINN (1973), THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION (1968), VAN MORRISON (1974), DAEVID ALLEN (1971), RORY GALLAGHER (1973), ELF (1974), THE NAZZ (1968), THE GREAT SOCIETY (1966), DEEP PURPLE (1971), THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND (1970) and much more: podcast #319

Plastic Magic podcast # 318 June 22, 2014

Hey everybody out there in podcast land! Here are some tunes for you to groove away the days of summer: KHAN (1971), BRIAN AUGER AND THE TRINITY (1968), MARION BROWN (1973), THEE IMAGE (1975), THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND (1972), MIRKWOOD (1973), LED ZEPPELIN (1975), THIN LIZZY (1975), DUST (1971), DAVID CROSBY (1971), COLOSSEUM (1970), GYPSY (1973), THE LEAVES (1969) and more. Download here: podcast #318

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #317 June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day! On this super groovy podcast you will hear the inexcusable sounds of: ELLEN McILLWAINE (1972), HUMBLE PIE (1973), SPIRIT (1968), YOKO ONO (1971), SAVOY BROWN (1969), H.P. LOVECRAFT (1968), HOLY SMOKE (1971), HOT TUNA (1971), NRBQ (1979), THE 31ST OF FEBRUARY (1968), DOUG SAHM AND BAND (1972), TIM HARDIN (1968), OMEGA (1973) ...DIG IT HERE: podcast #317

Plastic Magic podcast #316 June 8th, 2014

Aww yes! This is it folks. Sorry it's so late: HAWKWIND (1975), MAD RIVER (1968), IRON BUTTERFLY (1968), KENNY RANKIN (1974), PINK FLOYD (1969), JADE WARRIOR (1971), CHAPLIN HARNESS (1969) and much more. Check it out here: podcast #316

Friday, June 6, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #315 June 1st, 2014

Kickin' off an episode of summer sounds! On the first night of June we listened to: JESSE COLIN YOUNG (1972), APPALOOSA (1980), J.D. BLACKFOOT (1970), NEW ELECTRIC RIDE (2013), TOMMY BOLIN (1976), SHAWN PHILLIPS (1970), THEE OH SEES (2013), GRATEFUL DEAD (1974), FRIJID PINK (1970), SAM APPLE PIE (1969), HEAVY BALLOON (1969), HONK (1972), COLD SUN (1970), HEART (1976) as heard on KXUA in Fayetteville, AR (and surrounding area) and worldwide on shortwave giant WBCQ 5.110MHz (Area 51) out of Monticello, Maine. Download hear (yes, I meant to spell it that way): podcast 315

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #314 May 18th, 2014

Hey everybody out there in podcast land! Here is the Plastic Magic show from May 18th that ran live over both KXUA 88.3FM in Fayetteville, AR and WBCQ 5.110MHz shortwave out of Monticello, Maine: REDEYE (1971), THE STRAWBS (1971), STEVE ATKINSON (1981), THE BUOYS (1971), WENDY AND BONNIE (1969), THE FUGS (1969), AUM (1970), COLD BLOOD (1972), WISHBONE ASH (1971), GOLDEN EARING (1973), and much more including new music from: THE ENTRANCE BAND and JEFFERTITTI'S NILE. Check it all out here: podcast #314

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #312 May 4, 2014

Now this one folks...yep, this one here is a good time! Hear the rootin' tootin' sounds of: SOUTHWIND (1969), LAZARUS (1973), KRAFTWERK (1975), TRIUMVIRAT (1973), R. STEVIE MOORE (1976), MUDDY WATERS (1968), PROCOL HARUM (1967), NEIL YOUNG (1975), THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND (1968), THE FRATERNITY OF MAN (1968), QUARTERMASS (1970), SPARKS (1972), PINK FAIRIES (1971) and new local band HIGH MAGIC! Dig it all right here: podcast #312

Plastic Magic Awards!!!

On May 4th, 2014 we had another KXUA station meeting and this time I was awarded two framed awards by our outgoing station manager Tina Parker. One for being on the station for seven years and the other for "DJ of the year 2013-2014"! I am very proud. Here they are:

Plastic Magic podcast #311 April 27, 2014

Hey everybody, this is another short episode. So for about an hour you will be tripped out by the absolute sounds of: AMON DUUL II (1972), MORGEN (1969), MC5 (1966), THE MOVING SIDEWALKS (1968), T. REX (1971), THE AMBOY DUKES (1968) and so on..Download it here: podcast #311

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #310 April 20, 2014 Easter Sunday Special

Well, here it is folks, only days out and already a famous episode. For this Easter Sunday Plastic Magic special, as it was broadcast over KXUA 88.3FM and WBCQ 5110 KHz shortwave, here is three hours of inspired magical sounds from: THE CONCRETE RUBBER BAND (1974), TRUTH OF TRUTHS (1971), GLASS HARP (1972), THE NEW DAWN (1970), KENNELMUS (1971), THE MESSENGERS (1971), AGAPE (1971), SHORT CROSS (1972), DUST (1972), HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE #9 (1969), THE SEARCH PARTY (1969), FRACTION (1971), D.R. HOOKER (1972), ALL SAVED FREAK BAND (1974), DOVE (1974), WILSON McKinley (1971) and much more. This is yer Psychedelic Sunday Service

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #309 April 6, 2014

....and on this show: WISHBONE ASH (1970), STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK (1969), GONG (1973), GENESIS (1972), THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION (1970), YA HO WA 13 (1974), CARAVAN (1971), STRING DRIVEN THING (1972), THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (1966), HARUMI (1968)  and much more. Download here: podcast #309

Plastic Magic podcast #308 March 30, 2014

On this show: CHRISTOPHER (1970), MAD RIVER (1968), PEOPLE! (1968), ATHANOR (1973), MORLEY GREY (1972), THE GRODECK WIPPERJENNY (1970), T.I.M.E. (1969), KENNY RANKIN (1974), MU (1971), BOHEMIAN VENDETTA (1968), MORGEN (1969) MOHAGONY RUSH (1975), LOVE (1969) and much more! DowNlOAD here: podcast #308

Monday, March 24, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #307 March 23, 2014

Here, folks, we have a new wave show, just to do something, as Monty Python says: completely different! NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISION (1980), XTC (1980), GANG OF FOUR (1981), THE PIXIES (1988), ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN (1980), THE ENGLISH BEAT (1982), KILLING JOKE (1985), DEPECHE MODE (1987), RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS (1977), THE BUZZCOCKS (1981) THE PLIMSOULS (1981), THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN (1988), PERE UBU (1978) and much more. dOWnloAd iT hERE: podcast #307

Plastic Magic podcast #306 March 16, 2014

This was sort of a short night. You have here a bite-size podcast you could download, burn to a CD-R and give to someone who has never listened to the show before (recommended), then they will also be turned on, we will then have more listeners and therefore be well on our way to starting a Plastic Magic movement...yes, a movement! MORNING DEW (1971), MOTHER EARTH (1968), JAMUL (1970), THE TROGGS (1965), SPIRIT (197), CURVED AIR (1975), QUARTERMASS (1970), THE LEAVES (1967), NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS (1967). dOWNLOAD HERE: podcast #306

Plastic Magic podcast #305 March 9, 2014

On this show, I had my buddy JT (of The Provels that you will hear on this episode) sit in while on a visit from St. Louis and we grooved and grooved to the sounds of: LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE (1968), THE DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING (1970), KAPT. KOPTER AND THE (FABULOUS) TWIRLY BIRDS (1972), MIRKWOOD (1973), 'OL PAINT (1971), BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY (1968), AMON DUUL II (1971),PAVLOV'S DOG (1975), SRC (1970) and much more. DoWNloAd iT hear: podcast #305

Monday, March 3, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #304 Feb. 23, 2014

Some sounds to enhance your day: SAM APPLE PIE (1969), THE MOODY BLUES (1971), DREAM (1967), COLOSSEUM (1969), THE WIZARDS FROM KANSAS (1970), THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY (1968), TOUCH (1969), THIRTY DAYS OUT (1972), BLODWYN PIG (1970), TASTE (1969), JOHN BUCK WILKIN (1970), PARLIMENT (1972) and much more: podcast #304

Plastic Magic podcast # 303 Feb. 16, 2014

Sorry this is late but as I type this, there are about 3 or so inches of new snow and ice outside. I know somebody out there is probably happy to get their mp3 player something new to listen to. On this one episode you'll be groovin' to the groovy sounds of: CARAVAN (1971), CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND (1969), FOOD (1968), MAHOGANY RUSH (1973), ALICE COOPER (1973), THE ELECTRIC PRUNES (1967), URIAH HEEP (1970), NEKTAR (1974), MC5 (1968), DUST (1971), BLUE OYSTER CULT (1974), JETHERO TULL (1974) and more. Download free here: podcast #303

Monday, February 10, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #302 February 9, 2014

Right off the bat this was one of the most fun nights I have ever spent on the radio! My birthday is tomorrow (Feb. 11) and so I used this opportunity to force everyone to celebrate my birthday on the radio with me. See if you can guess the year all these tunes came out: BILLY COBHAM, COMMANDER CODY AND HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN, BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, ROBIN TROWER, FRANK ZAPPA, CHEECH AND CHONG, NEW YORK DOLLS, KISS, FUNKADELIC, RY COODER, SUPERTRAMP, RUSH, YES, MOUNTAIN, DEEP PURPLE and much more! Download it all right here: podcast #302

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #301 January 26, 2014

Hey everybody out there in podcast land! Here is the show that aired on January 26th on KXUA 88.3FM. I decided to stay home on super bowl sunday , which was Feb 2nd and not do a show. We cooked a pot of chili, drank beer with friends, watched TV and the snow....which I am now about sick of...
But before we get too off topic: SAVOY BROWN (1968), THE MONKS (1966), FAMILY (1970), CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND (1967), TEN YEARS AFTER (1973), CAPABILITY BROWN (1972), WISHBONE ASH (1972), HARVEY MANDEL (1973), BLUES MAGOOS (1966), THE ROAD (1971), HYDRA (1974), THE BEATLES (1968), ELP (1971) and much more: podcast #301

Monday, January 20, 2014

Plastic Magic podcast #300 January 19, 2014

Episode number 300!?!! And what a fun show it was! The was what we listened to last night on KXUA: THE KEGGS (1966), THE EYES (1967), COLD SUN (1970), THE WHO (1970), CHRYSALIS (1967), LOVE (1969), GARY HIGGINS (1973), LED ZEPPELIN (1973), VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR (197?), KALEIDOSCOPE (1968), KING CRIMSON (1974), LES FLEUR de LYS (1965) and much more. Down load here: podcast #300 (free as always)

Plastic Magic podcast #299 January 12. 2014

Holy Moly Puddin' Pie! Here is the Plastic Magic episode from January 12, 2014: THE FARM BAND (1972), EARTH OPERA (1968), ANONYMOUS (1976), DAVE MASON AND CASS ELLIOT (1971), MERRYWEATHER (1969), THE SHONDELLS (1965), THE HUMAN BEINZ (1968), KLAATU (1976), AYERS ROCK (1974), STYX (1973), MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (1973), PROCAL HARUM (1971), T. REX (1973), BEACON STREET UNION (1968), RAIN (1969) and much more. Download it all right here: podcast #299 (free as always)

Plastic Magic podcast #298 January 5, 2014

Okay everybody, I know I know, this IS very late.... but today is the day to get all squared away. We will start with this episode which aired on the night of January 5, 2014. The first show of the year 2014. A lot of the tunes on this show are from old 45's from the 1950's to some heavy private press psychedelics...and it goes like this: ANT TRIP CEREMONY, LIL' BOYS BLUE, LINK WRAY, THE EBON-KNIGHTS, THE MURMAIDS, THE TURTLES, THE JOHNNIE OTIS SHOW, PEOPLE!, ARS NOVA, THE NAZZ, THE TEDDY BEARS, IT'S A BEUTIFUL DAY, DENNY AND KENNY DUO, NRBQ, THE DESCENDANTS, VANILLA FUDGE  and more. Check it out here: podcast #298 (free as always)