Friday, December 9, 2011

Plastic Magic podcast #114 Dec. 4th, 2011 aired on KXUA 88.3 fm and WBCQ 5.110 mHz

Hey there kiddos, a little late posting this one too, but here is another mind-bending 3 hour episode! This is how went down on the dark and cold evening of Dec. 4th over the airwaves on KXUA 88.3fm in the Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas metro area and Area 51 WBCQ 5.11oMhz shortwave from Monticello, Maine to the rest of the world! TONTO'S EXPANDING HEAD BAND (1971),  LIGHTHOUSE (1971), EARTH OPERA (1968), PLAINSONG (1972), TASTE (1969), LAURA NYRO (1968), TRAPEZE (1972), IRON BUTTERFLY (1969), RHINOCEROS (1970), TOAD (1970), EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER (1972), GENTLE GIANT (1972), ARFENT (1972), GREAT JONES (1971), MARY BUTTERWORTH (1968) and much more. DOwNLoaD heAR: podcast #114