Friday, February 1, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 259 Jan. 27th, 2013

On this show, which was broadcast over WBCQ 5110kc and KXUA 88.3fm on the night of sunday Jan. 27, 2013, we listened tO the rambunctious noise of: SRC (1970), TUCKY BUZZARD (1973), THE FUGS (1965), MERRYWEATHER (1969), ORPHAN (1973), SPACE OPERA (1972), NEW YORK DOLLS (1973), SUZI QUATRO (1974), RICHARD TORRANCE AND EUREKA (1975), THE SOPWITH CAMEL (1973), STEVE HILLAGE (1978),  ELTON JOHN (1969) and much more. dOWnlOaD iT heAR: podcast #259

also, I won't be on live this weekend (Feb 3rd) because of the superbowl. I will be back on Feb 10th on WBCQ and KXUA and the internet feeds as well. See ya then!