Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you need a reason to buy the new Flaming Lips "Embryonic" LP...

....First of all, I am sort of fanatical about bands that really catch my attention and I have a tendency to buy up everything that a band has put out if I really dig what they do. It is almost impossible for me to name a favorite band or favorite album of a band  that I really like. I usually start collecting the earliest work first and go from there. Sometime in the late 80's a friends mother turned me on to the Jefferson Airplane via "The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane" and within a year or so I had collected every thing I could find of them, which now includes side projects and such. The same with the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, The Oblivians, and whatever, I could go on and on. But usually there comes a time when I hear a record that I have bought on "blind faith" that will stop this process. And I say to myself " I will have to hear the next one before I buy it". Meaning I have every Rolling Stones record up to "Dirty Work" and every Grateful Dead up to "Mars Hotel" and so on. More recently bands like The White Stripes have left me at Elephant and The Dirtbombs at "We Have You Surrounded" (I wish I hadn't even wasted money on that!). Alot of the bands that were so great and important to me from their output in the 60's and 70's didn't fare well in my opinion in the 80's. And some of them should probably have broke up before this time to save their image. So that being said The Flaming Lips have been together scince 1983. In my opinion they kind of started out bad. I didn't hear of the Flaming Lips until I was in high school in the early 90's. I believe the first time I heard them was probably on "120 minutes" which was a show on MTV back then that gave time to bands then called "alternative music" (for those who we're to young to have seen MTV back when they had music on it). This was around the time they put out "Transmissions From The Satelite Heart" which had their biggest hit "She Don't Use Jelly". I was drawn to them from then on. I have actually bought that record 3 times because of having loaned it out and never got it back or lost it. As for the albums they put out before it I don't have "Oh My Gawd..." The first album "Hear It Is" from 1986 I find hard to listen to. And "Telepathic Surgery" I have only listened to a few times. The first good record I would have to say is "In A Priest Driven Ambulance" which started there recordings with Dave Friedmann. Dave Friedmann who now runs his recording studio Tarbox in upstate New York and has alot to do with their sound. The Flaming Lips have continued to evolve and put out quality records ever since. With The loss of what I feel was a major part of the band Ronald the guitar player, their sound was altered a little. But the first record they put out without him was "Zaireeka" in 1997, a four disc set to be played all at the same time. A collossel album which featured bombastic production and showed a new direction for the group with Steven Drozd as the extremely talented multi-instrumentalist for the group. The next album was the beautiful "Soft Bulletin" of 1999, without a doubt one of the best albums of the 1990's. Anyway about "Embryonic" which this entry is supposed to be about. I stubbernlly waited for this to come out on LP as I did for "At War With The Mystics". First of all the record is their longest. Some music reviewers for some reason don't like long albums because they are sprawling, I have not read anything much about this album bad or otherwise yet, for no reason really, just haven't seeked out a review for this one. I happen to appreciate double albums just for them being long. Sometimes to me that signals that they had a lot of great ideas. I even appreciate Sleep's "Dopesmoker" for what it is, although I'll admit it's a little difficult to listen to. But without singling out individual tunes. I think the Flaming Lips have started a slightly new direction with this LP. First of all it is their "heaviest" record since "Clouds Taste Metallic" or "Zaireeka" but doesn't sound like either. The live drummer for the past few years Kliph Scurlock finally gets his recording debut with this. If anyone could replace Drozd as the drummer it's Kliph. And he shines like a bright star on this record! To make other comparisons to past albums, this record has the "overdriven" drum sound on "Zaireeka" and fuzz bass. With co-producer Dave Friedmann, this record as all of their records with him should be praised for the absolute superior soniclly beautiful Hi- Fidelity sound they achive. These guys are recording engineer scientist! That alone is one reason to get this record. They do have a "warts and all" approch though. You can hear throat clearing, laughing, even a cell phone making that fantom noise that it makes being to close to electronics. This record deserves to be played on big sounding "old school" stereo equipment (I have a Bang and Olufsen turntable, Marantz power unit from mid-70's and 4 Bose 501's and this sounds great very very loud!). So after 26 years (!) The Flaming Lips is one of the only bands left that I can still buy a record of on "blind faith" that it will be an exciting expirience. If I were to say what a lot of reviewers like to say about Pink Floyd, Yes and Led Zeppelin sure this does have that type of feel. But not that it sounds like it, it just fits nicely next to that stuff. If you need another reason to buy this record send me a comment and I'll try to think of another. I recommend buying this and play it LOUD!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Punkinhead from 1992(?)

hey peps, I'm having a little trouble getting the podcast posted from tonight's show. Maybe because the file is very large (was a 4 hour show) . But if you come here expecting to download the "solstice" show because you heard me say a few hours ago that it would be up by now, I'm sorry "we are having teachnical difficulties" as they say. So please check back later. If you'd like to email me a comment or would like me to let you know when this is availible email: In the mean time here is a video of  Punkinhead in which we heard tonight

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

upcoming Solstice show

Hey hey everybody, for those who missed my wed. feature show I did on Christmas eve last year, this year I'm doing it again but 2 hours longer! That's right a 4 hour show on local Arkansas bands from the 1990's. This is something I plan to do every year I'm on the radio here around Christmas time. On this show I plan to play a few studio recordings of  DALI AUTOMATIC (also known as The Faith Healers), THE COSMIC GIGGLE FACTORY, and whole live bootleg set from PUNKINHEAD from the legendary River City club in Fayetteville from 1992. These recordings are very rare and hard to find now a days, I bought them in the club as this was going on back in the day. For those who didn't get to see these bands then are in for a treat as we really had something special to be proud of back then (not that we don't now, but hey...) The show will run from 4pm-8pm (CST). And I will have my buddy Nate Higgins co-host for added insight and commentary. If you miss it on air don't worry it will be availible for podcast download after the show. Hope you tune in SUNDAY DECEMBER 20TH!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Plastic Magic podcast #46 December 13th, 2009

Happy Holidays kiddos! Here is a rip roarin' set o tunes sure to boggle the mind and put the twinkle in your eye. On this episode we heard alot of garage rock old and new from: SEAN BONNIWELL'S MUSIC MACHINE (1966), THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (1966), JACK O. AND THE TENNESSEE TEARJERKERS (2006), THE CRAWDADDYS (1979), THE HENCHMEN (1998), 68 COMEBACK (1998), HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (1996), THE DEADLY SNAKES (2006), THE FLAMING LIPS from the new LP and from "Christmas on Mars"(2008-2009) ,SONIC YOUTH (1989), DEEP PURPLE (1968), JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION (1993), THE RATS (1966), and a couple of tracks from the 60's comp "The IKON Records Story" and The Sundazed comp "Don't Press Your Luck" (The IN Sound Of 60's Conn. from the Trod Nossel studios)  and lots more cool stuff...DOWNLOAD HERE: podcast #46

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Plastic Magic podcast #45 December 6, 2009

Yes indeed! Another 2 whole hours of rock and roll superbliss! On this show I focused a little on progresive british blues. Here in this podcast you will find the amazing sounds of: RORY GALLAGHER (1971), KILLING FLOOR (1970), CREAM (1967), JOHN MAYALL'S BLUESBREAKERS (1968), THE CLIMAX BLUES BAND (1970), TEN YEARS AFTER (1973), SAVOY BROWN (1968), HUMBLE PIE (1970), THE ROLLING STONES (1968), JETHRO TULL (1968) and much more (even a christmas tune or two..because it's that time of year) DOWNLOAD THIS LINK: December 6, 2009 podcast

Friday, November 27, 2009

Quest For Fire

here is a video of a new (ish) Toronto, Canada band called QUEST FOR FIRE. This song is from the s/t LP(so far the only LP). Recorded and originally released on the Montreal label Storyboard in 2008 has been picked up and re- released on NY stoner label Tee Pee in 2009. This band has former members of groups CURSED, NO NO ZERO, THE DEADLY SNAKES (this is how I heard of 'em...I'm a big Deadly Snakes fan....look them up on "In The Red" records site) and NORTIC NOMADIC. I played these guys on the radio show last sunday night (11-22-09)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Plastic Magic podcast #44 November 22, 2009

On this enchanted episode you will hear: CACTUS (1971), LEE MICHAELS (1970), THE RASCALS (1971), PINK FLOYD (1969), LED ZEPPELIN (1969), GENTLE GIANT (1971) THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE (1968) and some new (and newer) releases from: BLACK MOUNTAIN (2008), QUEST FOR FIRE (2009), THE BUFFALO KILLERS (2008) THE FLAMING LIPS (2002) and much more...Co-hosted with Butch "Uncle Butch" Taylor (creator of the classic Plastic Magic intro) DOWNLOAD HERE: November 22, 2009 podcast  If you'd like to leave a comment or suggestion you can email me at:

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Buffalo Killers (new-ish band from Cinci, OH)

The Buffalo Killers formed after the break up of their previous band Thee Shams in 2006...I got to see Thee Shams play one of their last gigs in Springfield, MO aroud the winter of 2005...there may have been 30 or so people there...since forming the Buffalo Killers they have gone on tour with the Black Crowes and finally have started getting the attn. they deserve! They record for Alive! records, the link for Alive! is to your one while you still can!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Plastic Magic podcast #43 November 15, 2009

hey kids, this episode was dedicated to garage, psych, hard rock groups from Texas in the early years of 1966-1971. On this show you will hear: LOST AND FOUND, THE ZAKARY THAKS, THE MOVING SIDEWALKS (featuring a young Billy Gibbons who later formed ZZ TOP), BLOODROCK, THE RED CRAYOLA, MOUSE AND THE TRAPS, THE BUBBLE PUPPY, JOSEFUS, THE GOLDEN DAWN, KENNY AND THE KASUALS, and of course THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS many of these groups were originally on the legendary INTERNATIONAL ARTIST label of Houston TX, Some are obscure and are only found 60's comps. There is alot of info on these groups in a wonderful article I read in the fantastic Shindig! magazine (vol. 2 issue 7 from nov.-dec 2008) if you would like to do any further research, there is also a link to Shindig! on your left. DOWNLOAD HERE: NOVEMBER 15 2009

BLOODROCK from Fort Worth, TX

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Texas psych/garage/hard rock

On the next episode of PLASTIC MAGIC I plan to do a feature show on early Texas rock. Bands such as: THE GOLDEN DAWN, LOST AND FOUND, KENNY AND THE KASUALS, MOUSE AND THE TRAPS, SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET, THE MOVING SIDEWALKS and THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS just name a few. Covering the years 1966-1971....So to wet your whistle here is THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Plastic Magic podcast #42 Nov. 8, 2009

yes indeed a good time was had by all! on this life-changing episode we listened to: CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND (1970), HAWKWIND (1974), THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND (1974), BLUE CHEER (1969) EDDIE HAZEL (solo work from Funkadelic guitarist), CREAM (1969), FUNKADELIC (1972), ALICE COOPER (1970) and some early MC5 from 1966 as well as a 24 minute version of Whipping Post from THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND with Duane Allman from 1971 and much more DOWNLOAD THIS LINK: 11-08-09

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Captain Beyond 1972

Captain Beyond was a sort of super group from the early 70's made up of two members of Iron Butterfly (Rhino- Guitar; Lee Dorman- Bass) Rod Evans Vocals (from early Deep purple) and Bobby Caldwell (who played drums for Johnny Winter before this (and went on to form Armaggedon after this)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Plastic Magic podcast #41 Nov. 1, 2009

On this episode the airwaves were elect-ro-fied with: CAPTAIN BEYOND, WISHBONE ASH, THE CLIMAX BLUES BAND, FLASH, (early) SUPERTRAMP, GREAT JONES, NAZARETH, SUGARLOAF, CRABBY APPLETON, KING CRIMSON, OSIBISA, and much more...kind of a prog rocky show this week, staying mostly in the early 70's...DOWNLOAD HERE:: 11-1-09

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Plastic Magic podcast 10-25-09 (The Psychedelic Nightmare Halloween Show)

Well kids, here 'tis, 4 hours of  scary stories, screamin' rock and roll classics from the underground, and good fun for my favorite holiday. My co-host Butch "The Butcher" Taylor even made a special intro for this show (worth downloading this podcast for that alone!).  Music herein covers 1950's-1980's. On this episode you will be frightened by : THEE HEADCOATS, VANILLA FUDGE, BLUE OYSTER CULT, ALICE COOPER, DAVID SEVILLE, THE SONICS, DAVE DIAMOND AND THE HIGHER ELEVATION, THE MONICLES, THE CRAMPS, BLACK SABBATH, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN, THE DRIVING STUPID, BAUHAUS, 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS and music from the film THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and much more. Plus lots of scary tales. DOWNLOAD THIS PODCAST FOR YOU HALLOWEEN PARTY! psychedelic nightmare 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

kids, the Plastic Magic Halloween Special is this sunday Oct. 25th at special extended time (4pm-8pmCST)'s some crazy rock and roll shit to get ya in the mood!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Plastic Magic (R)October 18, 2009

On this edition of podcast #39 we listened to amazing rock and roll classics from the likes of : MOLOCH, JETHRO TULL, THE SHONDELLS, SPIRIT, RHINOCEROS, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, THE PRETTY THINGS, THE ANIMALS, FUNKADELIC, JAMUL, THE BUFFALO KILLERS and much week will be the first Plastic Magic Halloween Special, which will be a four hour spectacular of spooky craziness running from 4-8pm ...DOWNLOAD HERE: 10-18-09

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Plastic Magic 9-6-09 (Sonic's Rendezvous Band bootleg from 1-14-78)

Among other things on this show, half way through it has a whole bootleg set from SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND. For those who don't know SRB, this Detroit "supergroup" featured Fred "Sonic" Smith (formerly of the MC5) , Scott Ashton (former drummer of the Stooges) Scott Morgan (formerly of The Rationals) and Gary Rasmussen (formerly of The Up). All of which were legendary groups of the 1960's Detroit rock scene. This set was recorded at the Masonic Auditorium in Detroit opening for The Ramones january 14th, 1978. It is kind of  a rough quality recording from a Maxell c-90 cassette. Not many recordings exist from this legendary group only releasing a 45 which contained "Sweet Nothin" and "City Slang" (both included here) I am re posting this show on this site because it got posted the first time on the old KXUA site just before it went down and i don't think it really got the traffic it might have... DOWNLOAD HERE:: SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND "Live at the Masonic Auditorium Jan. 14th, 1978

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shindig Shop from The Hotel Nannyberry

Shindig Shop Reunion show at George's

One of my all time favorite Arkansas bands Shindig Shop is playing a reunion show at George's Magestic Lounge on October 14th (wed. nite). Here is a recent article from Fayetteville Free Weekly and a link to an interview i did with founding members Paul Burnham and Ross Hurley back in July on the Plastic Magic radio show. This podcast gives a good overview of their work from early 90's- early 2000's. Some of the recordings are studio and some are rough quality live recordings, but all performances are great. Strange But True Rock And Roll...DOWNLOAD HERE: Shindig Shop podcast from Plastic Magic

Sunday, September 27, 2009

september 27th, 2009

on this action packed episode we heard tracks both old and new from: THE SONICS, THE DIRTBOMBS, QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE, URANUS AND THE FIVE MOONS, THE ROLLING STONES, BLACK MOUNTAIN, FLAMIN' GROOVIES, BLUE CHEER, THE SHAGS, and a whole side from the comp " THE IKON RECORDS STORY"  a California label which only released a small handful of 45's in it's hey day (1964-66) and is considered by many to be the holy grail of garage rock record collecting ....hope you enjoy this weeks batch of songs, co-hosted with Butch Taylor (the voice of the Plastic Magic intro) DOWNLOAD HERE:: 9-27-09

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plastic Magic September 20th, 2009

hey kids, on this exciting, edge of your seat, spell binding episode we heard from 1960's garage and psychedlic bands like: THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY, MOBY GRAPE, THE GTO'S, THE BYRDS,THE PREACHERS, THE DOVERS, SMALL FACES, THE KINKS, PHIL AND THE FRANTICS, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and much more DOWNLOAD HERE: 9-20-09

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plasic Magic 8-16-09 Woodstock Special

On this episode I played cuts from the 3xLP Woodstock album as well as cuts from the 2xLP Woodstock 2 album to celebrate Woodstocks 40th year. we heard more less side longs including: JIMI HENDRIX, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, SANTANA, MOUNTAIN,CANNED HEAT, BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND plus stage announcements and such DOWNLOAD THIS LINK:: woodstock special

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Plastic Magic 9-13-09

Plastic Magic is a rock and roll show which airs on KXUA 88.3fm from 6pm-8pm on sunday evenings in Fayetteville, AR...By a cat that goes by Filthy Phil (me a.k.a. Phillip Eubanks) The show first premired Nov. 08.. The music that gets played here comes from my record collection which started around 3rd grade (@1983). The most of it (material) was recorded 1966-1973. This show specializes in garage rock, psychedelic, acid rock, 70's stoner rock and the like...I like to keep like things together so one show may be mid to late 70's, or newer releases from late 90's to present or a change in genre to focus on one thing more (Feb. is black history i played blues, jazz and heavy soul, also did 2 shows on southern rock from the 70's last summer) If you live too far out of range of KXUA the station can also be heard on the web at or by going to the station blog at

If you have never heard this show before this would prob. be a fine example...on this episode we listened to:: FAMILY, THE MC5, ZEPHYR, THE IDES OF MARCH, SUGARLOAF, THE ELECTRIC PRUNES, COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH, HUMBLE PIE, DEEP PURPLE and much more DOWNLOAD LINK HERE:: Magic 9-13-09.mp3