Monday, November 25, 2013

Plastic Magic podcast # 294 November 24th, 2013

OK, kids, this is the five year anniversary of the Plastic Magic radio program!!! For this special occasion I invited my buddy and sometime co-host Zeek to help me celebrate this. We played some tunes and took some live over-the-air phone calls and a good time was had! On this you will hear the mesmerizing sounds of: THE MOTHERS (1971), HAWKWIND (1974) ARGENT (1971), JF MURPHY AND SALT (1972) FEAR ITSELF (1968), BLACK PEARL (1970), TODD RUNDGREN (1973), THE TURTLES (1968), LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE (1969), JD BLACKFOOT (1970) here: podcast #294

this was sent to me via Plastic Magic Facebook page:

Filthy Phil,
Your show is my absolute ritual. I get off work every Sunday at 6:00pm and my radio is set to 88.3 it's like coming home hearing your show.
YOU FUCKING RULE MAN! I hope you know.
P.s: your halloween show was the best I've heard in years. Thank you for the tribute to Lou reed.
Have you ever heard/seen "meat planet"? It's a spoof on Carl sagan's cosmos. I think you would enjoy it. I'll send you the link

Plastic Magic podcast #293 November 17, 2013

Hey everybody, a little late but here it 'tis:RARE BIRD (1972), JONI MITCHELL (1975), QUARTERMASS (1970), LOU REED (1973), THEE IMAGE (1975), GENESIS (1972), RICHIE HAVENS (1968), URIAH HEEP (1970), THE SONICS (1966), MURPHY AND THE MOB (1966),  and much more. Download-it hear: podcast #293