Saturday, January 16, 2010

NOIR 33 photography exhibit and CD release party for Wade Ogle Jan. 21st 2010 at The Dickson Theater

 A multi media event! Well let's see...for those who don't know who Wade Ogle is....Wade was at one time front man, guitar player and lead singer for Fayetteville, AR legends THE FAITH HEALERS who later changed there name to DALI AUTOMATIC. This was from around late 80's till about 1994 or so. Later Wade had a group called HONEY DIED and even later a group called DELTA SPACEMEN....and friends I've been there to see em all! It may also be noted that Wade ran the late JR's Lightbulb Club (R.I.P.) for a while and was responsible for booking some great great bands there. Wade has recently been back at it making new recordings for us to enjoy! And so on Thursday January 21st. 2010 at JR's Dickson St. Theater Wade Ogle and new band the Sea Shall Save Them will have a CD release party for their new CD!
 but that's not all, kids!
Also, there will  be a photography display on the big screen by NOIR 33 PHOTOGRAPHY. So what is NOIR33? NOIR 33 Photography is John Moore's work. John Moore has been documenting beautifully on what he calls "junk cameras" scenes from underground bands of the area, and other random portraits of locals and beyond in black and white 35mm film. John is also well known for poster and album artwork for bands in the area as well as national acts under the moniker ENKI3D. This event starting at 7pm should not be missed as John may not do this again for a while! John Moore is currently working in motion picture also done on vintage super 8 film.
Also to finish off the evening you will hear the exciting psedo-hillbilly sounds of the fantastic POPE COUNTY BOOTLEGGERS. You may want to get there early to mingle and find a good spot to be, it's a big place but there is expected to be a big attendance!